Zodiac Baracuda MX8 Disassembling

This manual will walk you through many of the components of the Zodiac Baracuda MX8. You can purchase any of these parts on our pool parts page.

1. Press the yellow button on the front of the MX8 pool cleaner head. Open the top cover.

2. Grasp the top cover while holding the MX8 pool cleaner body of the cleaner down securely. Pull the top cover to remove from the cleaner body.

3. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the middle MX8 engine housing in.

4. Remove the MX8 middle engine housing.

5. Remove MX8 engine assembly.

6. Remove Zodiac MX8 drive shaft & keyed bearings from the engine assembly.

7. Remove the MX8 track by lifting it over the wheel/wheels & pulling.

8. Align MX8 arrows on the scrubber assembly & housing to locate the screw in the hole.

9. Unscrew to remove the MX8 scrubber assembly.

10. Using a small screw driver, press in on the locking tab located on the wheel pin from the top of the MX8 pool cleaner head.

11. Using the inserted screwdriver, slide the wheel & pin from the MX8 housing.

12. Remove the bearings from the MX8 wheels.

13. Unscrew & lift off the body panel assembly.

14. Unscrew the direction control assembly from the MX8 body panel.

15. Separate the direction control assembly from the body panel.

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