How To Clean a Hayward Aquabug, Diver Dave, or Wanda Whale

Sometimes your Pool Cleaner may be clogged with debris. This guide explains how to clear the the debris and check the operation of the Main Turbine that propels the pool cleaner.

1. To gain access to the Main Turbine unscrew the three screws that secure the Bottom Plate to the Lower Body.

2. Lift off the Bottom Plate.

3. Lift out the Nozzle Throat. Note: This operation gives you some access to the Main Turbine, but by removing two more screws you can remove the Lower Body of the cleaner and see the Main turbine and any debris that may be tangled around it.

4. Unscrew the two remaining screws at the front end of the Lower Body. For better access to the screws, flip the front flap up. You will feel some resistance before it snaps up.

5. Lift the Lower Body off of the cleaner.

6. Clean out any debris in the Suction Port of the Lower Body.

7. Clean out any debris that is in the Main Turbine chamber or that may be wrapped aroung the Main Turbine. Spin the Main Turbine. It should move freely.

8. Replace the Lower Body and secure it with the two front end screws. Flip the Front Flap back into position - forward towards the middle of the cleaner.

9. Replace the Nozzle Throat and the Bottom Plate. Secure with the three screws.

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