How To Understand Which Polaris Pool Cleaner You Have

This guide will help you to identify which model Polaris swimming pool cleaner you have. If you have a Polaris swimming pool cleaner and need replacement parts for it, you’ll need to know which model you have. Polaris has quite a few swimming pool cleaners on the market which makes this difficult for some. 

1. Serial number - The serial number would be the quickest and most accurate way to determine the cleaner model. The serial number can be found on the back of the cleaner. The older cleaner models have the serial numbers stamped/molded onto them. The newer Polaris cleaner models have the serial number stamped on a sticker on the back of the cleaner. If the serial number starts with a “K” it will be a 380, if it starts with “C” it will be a 280, if it starts with a “L” it will be a 360.

2. Swimming pool type- Polaris makes certain model pool cleaners for above ground pools and other models for in-ground pools. If you have an above ground pool, you will have a smaller selection of swimming pool cleaners to look through.

3. Color- This would be the easiest way to narrow down the selection. Most of the older Polaris pool cleaners were blue and white. There are a few exceptions.

4. Some of the older models were also available in black (Black Max versions).

5. The newer style Polaris cleaners are blue, grey and black.

6. Bag type- The Polaris pool cleaners have different bag types. The Polaris 380/360 have squared clips that attach to the cleaner’s frame.

7. The Polaris 180 uses velcro only.

8. The Polaris 280, 480 and 3900 use “teardrop” shaped clips to secure the bag to it’s cleaners.

9. The number of jets- If you remove the bag from the cleaner and look down the “throat” of the cleaner, you will see jets close to the bottom. The number of jets will help you determine what series of Polaris pool cleaner it is. If you have only 1 jet, the model would be a Polaris 180. Two jets would indicate a Polaris 280. Three jets would be the Polaris 380, 360 or 3900 model.

10. Booster Pump- Most Polaris pool cleaners need a booster pump to run. The above-ground models (Polaris 60/65/Turbo Turtle) and the In-ground Polaris 360 do not need a booster pump. The hoses on the non- booster pump (suction) cleaners are about 1 ¼” diameter and corrugated. The booster pump model cleaners have a smaller diameter, smooth hose.

11. A picture is worth a thousand words- Finding a picture of the pool cleaner isn’t too difficult and will help in determining the right Polaris model. Below are a few pictures of different Polaris models.

12. Polaris 60/65.

13. Polaris Turbo Turtle.

14. Polaris 140/145.

15. Polaris 160/165.

16. Polaris 180.

17. Polaris 280/Polaris 280 Black Max.

18. Polaris 360/Polaris 360 Black Max.

19. Polaris 380/Polaris 380 Black Max.

20. Polaris 3900.

21. Polaris 9100.

22. Polaris 9300.

23. Polaris 9300xi.

24. Polaris 9400 Sport.

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