Winterizing Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Winterizing pool filter cartridges is a bit of a chore, but it’s usually a quick and easy fix.


Step 1.

When the cold weather hits, it's important to make sure that the o-rings are properly lubricated. Use a good silicon-based-lubricant to keep the o-rings moist and supple.

An oil-based lubricant damage or eat away at the o-rings. It's usually harmless to use, but they can cause issues with your o-rings.

Although water-based lubricants are safe to use, they won’t last very long. This is because they can quickly dissolve once exposed to water.

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Step 2.

Now that the seals have been cleaned and the oil has been removed, it's time to get your pool filter cartridge ready for winter. This is a great time to prepare for the season so that your pool water is as fresh and clean as possible. The best way to ensure that your filters are as close to new as possible is to give them a good soaking.

These are chemicals that are designed to remove dirt, organic waste, and other contaminants from your filter cartridges. They are very easy to use and are not harmful to the environment. This method works by soaking the filter cartridge in a solution that's designed to remove the dirt and oil. It's usually done the following day. This will leave your filter cartridge as good as new as it was when it was first made. It will still be as close to perfect as possible without buying a new cartridge.

One thing to keep in mind when deep cleaning is that sticky grime will often hide the physical damage that the filter elements themselves.

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Step 3.

It’s hard to keep up with the cleaning when your pool is not used much during the winter season. Since pool filter maintenance is very important, it’s also suggested that you check your cartridge's pressure gauge at least once a week. If the pressure levels are high, then a good cleaning is required.

Not wanting to spend time draining your pool filter, why not use a waterwand? It's a special pool tool that can help you get the job done in a hurry. A waterwand is a great tool to have in your bag if you’re not afraid to face the cold weather or the summer heat.


Step 4.

Not only should the pool itself be properly winterized, but the other parts of it as well. Your pool cleaning and algaecides should be in place now so that they can be done for winter.

If you’re new to swimming pool then this guide will help you get started.


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