Pool Maintenance Mistakes Made During Winter

Winter is officially here. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause swimming pool mistakes during winter. You’re ready to head out to your pool to check it out. However, before you do, take a look at these common swimming pool mistakes that happen during winter.


1. Remember to Brush Your Pool

One of the most common mistakes people make when winterizing their pool is not cleaning all the surfaces thoroughly before they close. Not only are these objects not ideal for keeping clean, they can also leave lasting stains.

Remember to brush your pool before it closes? This will help minimize staining and keep it looking its best all year long.


2. Test Your Water

Winterizing your pool is not a one-time thing. It’s a habit that you should maintain and check its chemical levels once a week.

Since the pool isn’t used much during the winter months, these adjustments will be very small and won’t take too much time to do.

Winter is a great time to clean and balance the pool water, but it's also a great time to deal with pool stains and green pool water.

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3. Run Your Pool Pump or Filtration System

Although it’s not usually used during winter, pool water can still get stagnant and can lead to algae growth. Not running your pool pump or filtration system can also cause a serious issue when the season comes around.

Use a timing system or manually run it for at least 8 hours a day. It will automatically turn over all of the water in your pool.


4. Monitor Your Water Level

If you don’t have a pool cover, then you might be prone to issues with your pool water levels. Also, if you don’t monitor your pool water levels, then you might be prone to issues with evaporation. If you already have an automated pool timing system, then you should definitely consider getting an automatic water leveler. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to level your pool.

If the water level drops below the pump box, this can cause it to run dry and cause your pool pump to malfunction. This is a real possibility!

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