What You Should Know When Choosing the Best Above-Ground Pool

 A well-designed above-ground pool is the ideal way to spend your time and entertain your family. It’s easy to install, and it’s also more cost-effective than a swimming pool that’s in the ground.

These types of backyard additions are not only fun to entertain, they also require regular maintenance and prep work. But they’re also well worth it if you’re looking to spend some time with the kids.


Types of Above-Ground Pools

Various materials and sizes are used to make an above-ground pool, and this type of addition can vary in its durability, installation, and maintenance. Aside from the type of pool that you choose, other factors such as your backyard space and climate are also taken into account to ensure that the project is a success.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Above-Ground Pool?

The size, shape, and depth of the pool are also taken into account to determine the ideal size for your backyard. Also, the maintenance requirements are taken into account to ensure that the pool lasts for a long time.


Ground Type/Intended Location

In most cities, a swimming pool must be placed in a strategic yard placement. This usually involves avoiding areas that are near power lines, trees, and concrete structures. In addition, make sure that the pool is placed away from other structures and landscaping. The ground should also be even and flat to avoid creating too much pressure on certain parts of the pool. This can cause it to weaken its overall structure.


Size and Shape

Before you start planning on the type of pool that will be installed in your backyard, measure the area that you have available. This will allow you to leave enough room for foot traffic. The size and shape of the pool are also taken into account to determine the ideal fit for your backyard. Round and rectangular pools are more practical as they have fewer seams. However, oval pools require additional structural support to prevent bulges.


Pool Depth

The depth of the pool depends on the type of activity that the kids will be participating in. For instance, if the kids are going to be playing in the pool, the water should be shallow enough to allow them to safely swim.

For older swimmers, deeper pools are ideal. However, if the water is too shallow, a taller wall might add to the depth and require more maintenance. Having a taller wall also adds to the pool's water storage capacity, and it requires more frequent filter changes and debris removal.


Liner Type & Thickness

The various types of liner covers that are available are: expandable, overlap, beaded, and J-hook. They can also be made in various ways to fit different pools. Some models, like those with an expandable cover, work better for larger pools.

The thickness of the liner cover should also be taken into account to ensure that it can support the weight and shape of the pool. It should also be flexible enough to fit within the pool's shape.


Ease of Installation

Before buying an above-ground pool, it’s important that the buyer is willing to commit to the amount of time that it will take to install the pool. With a pump, inflatable pools can be easily taken down and deflated.

Certain types of pools, such as semi-inground or resin models, require the ground to be leveled and filled with sand to prevent the pool from getting punctured. This usually takes around four to five hours to install.


Safety & Permit Requirements

Permit requirements vary depending on the city and the type of pool that you choose. In some areas, a permit is required for the installation of an above-ground pool, while in others, it’s required for in-ground models.


Required Maintenance

Unlike other types of pools, small, portable ones require no maintenance. They can be emptied easily after every use. However, if a larger pool takes hundreds of gallons of water, it will require regular maintenance. Aside from the pump and filters, your above-ground pool will also need to be maintained to keep it running smoothly. It should also be regularly tested to make sure that its pH level is correct.


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Victoria Addington

Victoria Addington

For birthday visits from the entire family, my aunt and uncle had been preparing to build an above-ground pool in their backyard. It’s wonderful that you mentioned how you should consider the durability of the pool itself and the materials that are going to be used such as the frames. I believe trying steel frames out would be a wonderful idea since they intend to have a large pool. I’ll surely let them know about this and look into retailers that can help them purchase above-ground pool frames. I appreciate you sharing!


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