Winterizing Of Your Spa

If you're a spa owner, then you're probably glad that the warm weather is finally going to end. It's time to get rid of the covers and enjoy the sensation of warm water.

Aside from being relaxing, a spa can also help people sleep better. It can also reduce stress levels and improve their general health.

Before you head to the spa, check that it's safe to use. There are some bacteria and viruses that can thrive in warm water.


Spa Care

From mineral-based products to chlorine-free solutions, there's something for everyone at your local pool store.

To determine the proper pH, hydrogen peroxide, and total hardness levels, you should first test the water.

Sanitising your spa is a vital step to ensuring that its water is free of harmful micro-organisms. It's important to maintain a level of disinfectant that's at least 2ppm.

If you're planning on adding chemicals to your water, remember to add them to the water and avoid mixing them together. Call your local pool store for advice.


Thinking about upgrading to a new spa? Your local pool professional can help you select the best model for your lifestyle.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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