Things You Should Know About The Fiberglass Pool During Winter

Since fiberglass swimming pools are incredibly popular, there have been a lot of false and off-the-wall claims made about them.

A customer we working with has been receiving a lot of quotes from different pool builders, and they all seem to agree that fiberglass isn't a good fit for cold areas.

Those who claim that fiberglass pools won't work in cold climates are using fear tactics to trick people into purchasing another type of pool!

This is a very common statement made by contractors when they make claims about the cold climate. In most cases, they can't prove these claims scientifically.

  • Fiberglass Pools have become extremely popular in Canada
  • Since these components are water-carrying vessels, they can also be moved by the elements of nature. As a result, various features such as French drains, hydrostatic release valves, and floating decks are commonly installed on fiberglass swimming pools.
  • Freezing water (in the pool itself) also does not affect fiberglass pools.


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