Winter Pool Maintenance Advices

Since most outdoor pools are not used during the winter season, it’s important that pool owners regularly maintain their facilities to avoid costly repairs. Winterizing your pool can help avoid costly issues and repairs.

Shutting off the pool's pump and motor during the off-season can cause it to malfunction. Also, it can damage the components that make up the motor.

Your pool's chemical levels will become unbalanced, which could cause algae growth. This issue can also lead to poor water quality. When your pool is opened, the water will have to be re-balanced. This repair costs you a huge sum of money and can take a long time to resolve.

Here are our recommendations.


Pools With Mesh Safety Covers

You should also keep your pool's pump and motor running at a regular interval to keep it running smoothly. This is especially important in the colder months. You can also keep your pool open longer during the off-season by opening it earlier in the spring. To prevent algae growth, you should also treat it once in a while.


Pools With Solid Safety Covers

Winterizing your pool can help keep it safe and functional during the off-season. This can be done by either filling it with water or adding a safety cover. Winterizing involves keeping the pool clean and balanced, draining the pumps, and performing other tasks that involve keeping the pool chlorine-free.


Pools With Retractable Safety Covers

Retractable safety covers are great for keeping your pool warm and winterized. They can also be used year-round to help insulate and protect your pool from the elements.


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