Winterization Hacks for Above Ground Pool

Having the proper equipment and skills when it comes to closing up an above ground pool are some of the things that a seasoned pool owner can do.


1. This one is for those of you who love to save a few bottles of milk or juice all year long. Just hang them on the cover cable, and half-full of water, and pull the cover tight to keep the cable taut.

2. When the temperature reach 32°, the pool's surface gets frozen solid. The ice expands and pushes the walls into the pool. This is an excellent opportunity to add pea gravel or tape together a couple of 2-liter soda bottles.

3. We have also heard of people who have small pools and use lumber or PVC conduit to keep their pool covers from flying into their neighbor’s yard during strong winds. If you have a large amount of lumber or conduit, this may be this way for you.

4. A ratchet strap is a type of webbing strap that has a winch and a locking bar. It can be used to form a star pattern over a pool, or it can be bought as an alternative to the standard cover cable and winch system.

5. We would not recommend this, but there has been a story about a pool owner who used duct tape to enclose their skimmer and wall return fitting. If the tape gets wet, then the water will leak through the pipe or the skimmer. Use a Gizzmo or a Skimmer plug to prevent the water from running through the tape.

6. Floating Tennis Ball to Absorb Oils. However, it can also cause problems with your filter and skimmer since oils cling to the walls and eventually deposit them in the spring.

7. Storing the Pump and Filter System Inside. If your pump and filter are mounted on a skid, then this is a good idea. However, keep in mind that these components are not protected from the elements and can easily be moved inside. For sand filter systems, try not to move it too much. Also, try not to move the water inside for winter.

8. People in high wind areas often try to add a little water to the cover to help secure it. However, too much water can cause the cover to freeze and damage the ice sheet. Instead, many pool owners prefer to use Cover Seal or Cover Clips to secure the outer edge of the pool.

9. If you want a natural way to collect snow and rain water, then a submersible pump is the way to go. However, if you don’t want to use a siphon, then a cover pump is the way to go.

10. Many people also use their summer pool floater to get rid of winter algaecides and stain & scale protection. However, if the floater gets crushed by the ice, or if it gets stuck in the side wall, then the chlorine will start to evaporate.



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