How to install a Winter Pool Safety Cover for your In-Ground pool

A pool safety cover is secured to the deck using springs, straps, and anchors. This item requires little time to build and install.

You’ll also need a hammer drill with a heavy duty bit and a couple of extension cords. This will require a pool cover and a set of deck anchors. Some parts of your winter cover will come with a few extras, which vary depending on the type of cover you buy. These extras will also include brass anchors.


How to Install the Cover:

  1. Take the measurements necessary to determine the size of both your pool and the cover. Divide the difference between the two by two, and mark the area on the ground where the pool is positioned.
  2. Unfold the pool cover to prevent it from getting caught in the pool. Then, mark the markings on the pool cover with the cautionary label.
  3. Position the straps on the buckets of sand or water so that the cover stays in place.
  4. At the center of each side of your pool, if you have a long pool, or at four points equidistant around the perimeter of your pool, if you have a circular pool, mark four anchor points about 18 inches from the edge of your swimming pool cover. Then, install the anchors.
  5. These are the springs that are included with your pool cover. To secure them, place the anchor points on the springs and the straps.

Since many winter covers have different systems of springs, it’s important to check in with your manufacturer to make sure everything is working properly. This product is designed to prevent the cover from sagging under the water. This is very important to avoid damaging the cover and its contents.



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