Safety Covers for Your Pool

Pool safety covers are usually used to prevent pests and other dangerous activities from happening in the pool. However, these covers tend to last for a long time and are usually not as durable as a standard tarp.


The Mesh Pool Safety Cover

A mesh cover is the most durable pool cover, and it lasts for around 10 to 15 years. It costs around $800 to $3,000. And although they’re the lightest, most manageable of safety pool covers, they can often support thousands of pounds. This is a type of pool cover that's designed to prevent water from pooling on top of it. This type of cover works well for a pool pump since it prevents the pooling of water.

This will not keep out dirt and dust, which can get in with the rain. Also, keeping your chemical balance will help prevent it from breaking down.


The Solid Pool Safety Cover

Solid pool safety covers are durable and will last for around 6-10 years. They come in various sizes and cost around $800-$3,000.

If you have a pair of hands to help install the cover, a solid pool safety cover is the easiest way to go. Unlike the mesh cover, the solid one will not allow water to pass through. It’s also more durable and will provide clear water within a couple of hours after opening the pool.

Although a pool cover can take a lot of weight to put on, it can also be very heavy. This is why it’s important to choose a solid pool cover that will keep its weight in check.

When it comes to keeping your pool cover pump working properly, there are two basic things to consider. First, make sure that it has an automatic model. This will tell it how much water is on the cover and adjust its power when needed.



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