How to Install the Tarp Cover for Winter

What is The Tarp Pool Cover

This is a standard pool cover that's not a pool safety cover. It's a winter tarp that's designed to keep the sun and debris out of the pool. This pool cover is not a heavy lifter. If anyone walks across it, it will cave in.

Even if you don't have a guest, this cover should be used to protect your pool from the debris and rain that could damage it. It's also important to cover your pool in case of an emergency.

Although a tarp will keep you safe, it certainly won’t look pretty. If you’re in the market for the least amount of protection, this is it.


How to Install

This project will require a little repetitive work to get started. You’ll need to secure the cover using a long thin rope.

  1. With a friend, unfold the winter cover over the pool. Position it on the pool with a waving motion. Both above- and in-ground pool covers are designed to overlap for optimal coverage.
  2. Use a water bag to weigh down the pool cover's perimeter. Doing so will help prevent it from falling in while you're working.
  3. To avoid rolling, make sure the empty bags are parallel to the pool's edges.
  4. Fill each bag chamber halfway with water, allowing room for ice expansion. I’d even suggest adding a bit of pool anti-freeze in each bag.
  5. Then, fill 4 wall bags with water. Then, tie a long loop of rope around each bag and secure them with a water bag.



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