How to Choose the Winter Cover for In-Ground Pool

Winter is the season when swimming is not allowed. This is the time when pool owners prepare their facilities for the cold weather and close them up until next season. While it may seem like a chore, closing a pool is actually only necessary if it has a winter cover. Doing so will keep the pool clean and prevent it from getting damaged.

A winter cover is a must-have for keeping your pool and family safe. There are various types of winter covers, and they can be made to fit different pool sizes and shapes.


Can I Buy the Cheap Winter Cover?

A pool cover is an investment, and it will last you about a decade. Take care of it, and it will protect you from the cold months for years to come. Winter pool cover prices vary depending on the type of cover and manufacturer. There’s a big difference between a mesh or solid pool cover and a winter tarp.


Safety on the First Place

Since most drowning victims are under the age of five, it’s important to always consider the risk of swimming in a pool even if you don’t have kids of your own.

Even if the cover is designed to be safety-oriented, it should still be installed properly to prevent injury. Having a pool cover installation company is also a good idea if you’re not comfortable with doing it on your own.


Coverage and Weight

Aside from safety, there are also two factors that pool owners should consider when choosing a winter cover. One is the weight and coverage of the cover. If you’re not sure about how to install it, or if it’s necessary, try hanging a mesh cover instead.

If you’re not sure about installing the cover yourself, or if you just want to help out with the installation, then you might want to stick with an existing mesh pool safety cover. However, if you’re worried about getting covered in winter, then you might want to consider getting a new one.




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