What Do I Do If My Cover Fell In The Pool

If your pool cover got damaged or dislodged from its frame, here are some tips on how to deal with it. Also, if a tree branch got tangled in the cover, here are some tricks on how to fix it.

With a few strong hands, pull the cover up over the pool deck and weigh it down with water bags. If possible, use a pool deck or other combustible object to secure the cover.

Start pumping water, using submersible pumps, or a cover pump. A vacuum hose can be used to siphon additional water from the pool cover.

These leaf Rakes are very easy to remove from the skimmer nets. They are designed to remove the debris that collects in the water.

Use a leaf rake to remove as much debris as possible. A pool brush or a garden hose vacuum can help remove dirt and debris from the cover.

You can reset the pool cover as the water recedes.

If your pool cover is submerged in the water and has a lot of water on it, just pull it out and remove the water bags.

You can now check the water quality by observing how much debris went into the pool. Generally, if the amount of debris is less than you want, just vacuum it out in spring.

For pools that have been neglected for years, with the pool cover submerged in muck and yuck, a drain and clean of the pool will be necessary.

If your pool cover gets damaged or gets submerged due to a large volume of organic debris, it's likely to contain nitrates, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

In any case, once the pool cover and debris situations are stabilized, you should check and balance the water chemistry.



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