How to Repair My Winter Pool Cover

If there is a hole or tear in the cover, you can easily repair it using pool cover winter patch kits.

Solid pool covers can be quickly and easily patched with our Lightning Weld patch.

For mesh or solid pool covers, use our LoopLoc Patch Kit, in 4 colors. These self-adhesive patches are made by 3M and are durable enough to repair pool covers.

Getting rid of small rips or tears in a pool cover can be done with a patch or by staining it with a certain color. These repairs are usually easy to do with a pool cover repair patch.

Although a rip in the cover can't be repaired permanently, it can be made through the winter before it needs to be replaced.


Preventing the Problems

For inground pool covers, make sure the cover is tight with a good supply of water bags. Never use bricks or heavy objects to hold the cover down.

A well functioning pool cover pump is important to be able to pump the 1-2 feet of rain water and snow melt that you probably get through winter.

Aboveground pool covers can be made to keep their surface from getting damaged by high winds by using Cover Clips, Wall Bags, or a Cover Seal. To keep the water from running over the cover, use a pump or siphon method.

If the straps are too loose, there's a chance that the pool cover may get cluttered with water accumulation. To prevent this, make sure the springs are at least halfway compressed.

Safety covers can be made to work with various configurations, such as new straps, patches, or entire panels.

Winter pool cover maintenance is essential to prevent pool cover disasters.

Some pool covers have failed due to the low water level in their pools. This issue could have been avoided if the pool owner had known about it.



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