Which Dolphin Robot is the Best For You?

Some are best suited to swimming pools with Olympic-sized or commercial features. Others are good for residential swimming pools. This article aims to help pool owners make the most of their outdoor living space by recommending the best robotic pool cleaner for their particular needs.


Why Dolphin?

This topic was started a few months ago when the Maytronics Summer Rebate program was in full effect. Dolphin Days is a great opportunity to save money while cleaning.

Dolphin's innovative cleaning technology is known for its ability to thoroughly clean and restore the look of pool and spa floors.

Cindy Lindeman of Wisconsin says that her pool cleaner, named Flipper, does a great job. She enjoys being able to use her pool after a few hours to clean it up.


5 Steps to Your Ideal Pool Cleaning Robot

Each Dolphin is equipped with a unique cleaning feature that's designed to provide superior wall-to-wall performance. This means that it's more than capable of cleaning various types of surfaces. Our recommendation for finding your appropriate fit involves a 5-Step process that unfolds this way:

  • Visit Maytronics online.
  • Explore “Residential Pools.”
  • Visit a local Maytronics dealer.
  • Request a Dolphin demonstration.
  • Purchase your robot and put it to work!

If you like, visit Maytronics’ YouTube channel for access to product videos.


If you're in the market for a Maytronics pool cleaning robot, then visiting an Elite Dealer may be the fastest way to find one. This is because they can help you find the ideal product at an affordable price.

  • AG Series – Above Ground pool vacuums
  • S Series – Standard pool vacuums
  • C Series – Classic pool vacuums
  • P Series – Premium pool vacuums


AG Series Dolphins

The Dolphin Active 10 is an entry-level robot that provides clean operation and has a top-access filter system. The S 50 is a more advanced model that features a built-in filter system. If you want to get more control over your pool, the S 50 uses the latest technology to scan and navigate around obstacles.


S Series Dolphins

The S Series consists of the following robots: the Active 20, Atlantis, Echo, Endeavor, and S200. These versatile machines are designed to work seamlessly and efficiently. The Encore cleaning cycle is typically less than 2 hours. It’s great for pools with long-term stays. If yours is a bit longer, consider the Dolphin S 200.


C Series Dolphins

The C Series is comprised of the Active 30, Apollo, Edge, M, and S 300. The C Series includes a variety of athletic shoes with innovative features. The Apollo Classic is a great tool for keeping your pool clean and tidy. It can clean up to 50 feet in 3 hours. Its built-in timer lets you set it and forget about it.


P Series Dolphins

The Dolphin Premium Series includes the Apollo Plus, Active 30, S 300i, and the DX6. Each entry comes with a variety of features and comes with a robust warranty. One example is the Apollo Plus—with multiple settings, precise movement and a tangle-free power cable.


Other Maytronics Benefits

Beyond convenience, owning a Dolphin pool cleaner also has other advantages such as better customer support and online registration.

By registering for your product, you'll receive updates about the latest software and security threats, and you'll also receive special savings offers for pool accessories.

The Maytronics staff is always available to answer questions, address concerns, or just chat a while.


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