Healthy Swim Profits

Aside from being able to clean the pool, the robotic cleaners of Dolphin can also help minimize the use of harsh chemicals. They’re also great for minimizing the risk of skin diseases and other health issues.

For many pool operators, the task of keeping a large-scale pool clean can be challenging. A multi-pronged approach is often necessary to minimize risk and provide a safe and effective cleaning solution.


Keep Your Pool Healthy!

Not all swimmers have access to private or home swimming pools.

For most people, swimming is a way to get fit and burn fat. According to a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, an adult burns about 500 calories per hour while doing just 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous swimming.

According to the Serious Fitness Channel, swimming pool users can get a total-body, aerobic workout that's low-risk of injury.

If you’re a pool owner or manager, then you probably know about the many benefits of keeping a pool running smoothly. Getting into the pool can be very dangerous, especially for individuals with certain health conditions. There are various solutions that can help minimize these risks and provide a safer environment for pool users.


Maytronics Healthy Swim System

The Maytronics Healthy Swim System features three products that provide effective protection against harmful bacteria, pool chemicals, and skin irritation. They are designed to work together to provide the best possible defense against these harmful byproducts.

These products help keep the air around the pool cleaner and provide a stress-free environment for consumers. They are also energy-efficient.

  • Healthy Swim AFM®—Activated Filter Media
  • Healthy Swim ACOTM—Activate Catalytic Oxidizers
  • Healthy Swim APF®—All Poly Floc

6 Benefits of Healthy Swim AFM

Healthy Swim AFM reduces pool odor and improves backwashing for happier customers.

As a permanent alternative to sand in swimming pool filter, AFM has been shown to reduce the risk of bacterial and parasites infections.

Made of recycled material, Healthy Swim AFM never degrades, is bio-resistant and reduces airborne chloramines to:

  • Expel filter contaminants effectively
  • Improve water texture and quality
  • Improve ambient air quality
  • Reduce chlorine demand
  • Improve water clarity
  • Improve filtration


6 Benefits of Healthy Swim ACO

The Healthy Swim ACO uses the sun's energy to reduce chlorine consumption and accelerate pool cleaning. It also helps prevent free radicals, which can cause serious damage to tissues and cells.

As ACO cleans pool water, it helps:

  • Minimize Disinfection By-Products (DBPs)
  • Make large-scale pools more inviting
  • Harness the raw power of the sun
  • Reduce reliance on chlorine
  • Disinfect using UV light
  • Eliminate pool odor


6 Benefits of Healthy Swim APF

Healthy Swim APF cleanses pool water of pollutants plus fine suspended particles.

APF is a multi-spectrum flocculant that removes harmful substances from pool water. It also forces suspended solids to clump together into a floating pool filter. This two-step process has been shown to:

  • Reduce chlorine use by 80%
  • Cleanse pools of parasites
  • Cleanse pools of bacteria
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower chemical costs
  • Eliminate pool odor

According to the Penn Media Group, the most common problems experienced by swimmers are mineral staining, algae foam, chlorine imbalance, and murky depths. These issues can be solved using Maytronics’ APF, ACO, and AFM products.


Be Aware Against Pool Cleaning Mishaps

There’s added reason to adopt a Maytronics Healthy Swim System mindset.

Not only are pool cleaning procedures dangerous, they can also cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, this issue usually goes unnoticed due to the lack of proper equipment and procedures.

This facility was not inspected or tested before it opened. Also, there was a malfunction of equipment that measures chlorine levels. The results were disastrous.

A young girl complained of leg pain after being in the pool for over an hour. At first, her skin was pale and frightening. The pediatrician diagnosis was “chemical burn.” Events like these scare off consumers.


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