What’s the Difference?


Maytronics US has posted a great deal of information about their robotic pool cleaners called The Dolphin Difference. This section provides a lot of information about what makes Maytronics' robotic pool cleaners the best option for various types of swimming pools.

Nothing makes a pool cleaner than Maytronics' award-winning Dolphin automatic pool cleaners. They deliver the same cleaning performance as traditional pool cleaners, but are more energy-efficient.


The Dolphin Difference

With a durable and dependable Dolphin by your side, you benefit from:

  • Crystal Clear Cleaning – Numerous features noticeably improve the health and safety of pool water and surface water.
  • Effortless Operation – Plug it in, drop it in and forget it while saving time, hassle and energy-related expenses.
  • Peace of Mind – Do more of what you love, checking pool water concerns off your To-Do list forever.

Your outdoor living or backyard experience also improves in a number of other ways. Learn how below!


Crystal-clear cleaning

Dolphin's advanced filtration and active brushes are designed to provide a superior cleaning performance. They are equipped with CleverCleanTM scanning technology that automatically removes specks and debris.

Effortless Operation

Maytronics' Dolphin pool robots are designed to help you enjoy swimming more. They're fully independent and can handle most of the tasks that come with being a pool owner.

Peace of mind

A top-quality swimming robot is built to last and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s built to perform well and is equipped with a variety of features to keep you swimming safely.


A Quick Comparison

While there are many advantages to using a pressure-side or suction-side pool cleaner, there are some key differences to consider when choosing one. Some of the problems associated with pool cleaning robots have been rendered obsolete. Just plug in a power cable and turn it on.

After using, set the robot on the pool's edge and let the water drain away. It's important to make sure that the machine doesn't get stuck in the pool and cause strain.

Prime Reviews rated the Dolphin as the best automatic pool cleaner. The review site noted that its lightweight design makes it ideal for cleaning large pool areas.


Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

These pool cleaners work by attaching to the suction side of an outdoor plumbing system. The water is then diverted to a pool filter pump. This process can be compromised by the debris and dirt that cling to the filter and basket. When used with suction-side pool cleaners, avoid getting tangled in the debris.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure-side pool cleaner is attached to the pressure or return side of an outdoor plumbing system. This type of unit is used to push pool water back into the pool after it has been filtered. This procedure may involve the use of special pipes, valves, or fittings. A pressure gauge is also recommended.


Clearly Superior!

Suction- or pressure-side pool cleaners are known to achieve a clean standard that's ideal for Maytronics' Dolphin pool cleaning robots. They don't require manual effort to keep the pool clean.

Prime Reviews describes the Nautilus as a great choice for people who have large or unusual pools and don't want to rely on water pressure.

Aside from the lack of hoses, Maytronics also has a lot of issues when it comes to keeping track of Dolphins. For instance, they run on electricity at around 5-cents per hour.

These smart garden tools are equipped with intelligent navigation that senses obstacles in the way of stairs and lifts them up. They’re also great for keeping the lawn and garden clean.


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