What’s the Best Number of Spa Jets?

A good quality hot tub should have at least 30 jets for every massage pump. For most people, this number is too low. A good quality hot tub should have at least 6 jets for every seat. Here comes the question : What’s the Best Number of Spa Jets?

The number of spa jets that make a spa awesome is only part of the equation. Other factors that go into making a spa truly amazing include the type of jets, their location, and how powerful their pump is.



Type of Spa Jets

Non-adjustable spa jets have a rotating nozzle and can be positioned in many directions. Larger jets have multiple nozzles and can be mixed with air to create more lift.

The nicer spa jets have adjustable jets that can be closed easily with a simple finger twist.

Location of Spa Jets

The location of the spa jets is important for their effectiveness. However, do they really need so many? Most of the time, they are only used for relaxing and toning the body.

Spa Jet Adjustments

If you run too many jets, the amount of water that flows out of each one is decreased. Also, since not filling every seat in the spa increases the water flow to the jets.

Some spas will allow users to control different spa jets by turning a large knob. These jets can be used for relaxing or controlling other spa activities.

Jet Pump Power

The amount of water that flows through a spa jet depends on the size of the pump. A 4hp spa pump produces more flow than a 2hp pump.

For example, If your spa has a hundred jets, and each one uses 1 gallon of water, then the pump that's filling the spa will need to be twice as big as the one that's filling the seats.

A good spa jet is more than just the number of jets. It also has to have the right size pump and location.


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