What is Better: Swim Spa or Hot Tub?

Deciding between a swim spa and a hot tub can be confusing. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a hot tub and a swim spa, but these two are not the same.

A swim spa is like a Limousine, stretched out to provide a wider variety of motion and comfort. It's also ideal for people who have limited mobility or who are prone to injury.

But before to decide buying a swim spa for a new spa replacement there are a few things to consider when buying one.


Swimming in a Swim Spa

If you're a serious swimmer, then a swim spa is for you. If you're a skilled swimmer, then a deluxe model is for you. It's usually faster than most swim jets and can take you to the wall fast.

Also, it's different from a regular pool. For one, it's very loud. And, it's also very turbulent.

Turbulent air carries a lot of pressure on the body and can make it hard to keep aligned. This is why it's important to keep the body in the center of the flow as much as possible.

An alternative to swimming against a current is to use a harness or belt that's designed to resist the current. This method works by holding the harness against the resistance of the current.

Hot Tub vs. Swim Spa - Maintenance

In terms of chemical and cleaning requirements, a swim spa is typically 5x bigger than a standard spa. It holds around 2000 gallons of water and requires minimal maintenance.

A swim spa has a double-sided cover that has a dual-panel design. This type of cover is typically used for swimming pool setups with multiple pumps.

In addition, your water and electrical consumption will also be more with a swim spa, as compared to a regular spa or hot tub.In all, you will spend more on maintenance with a swim spa, probably twice as much as a regular spa.


Separate Hot Water Sections

Many manufacturers of swim spas have a separate spa section. It's a great feature if you're not sure which area to heat up first and want to avoid having to go back and forth.

If you have a higher end model, then you can maintain two separate temperatures, one hot and one cool, in the spa and the swim area.


Swim Spa Prices

Most swim spas start at around $15,000. However, they can rise in cost depending on features and size. A top-of-the-line swim spa can cost over $40,000.

A swim spa can be built in-ground or placed into a deck. Most are built using a pre-fab shell or vinyl pool kit.

A swim spa is a wonderful invention, and before you buy one, do your research and try out at least one model.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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