Overview of Air Switches for Spas and Hot Tubs

Air Switches have been used for many years. They used to control the jets and lights in the spa.

Using an air switch was a safer alternative to using wet fingers to turn on a hot tub. Many modern spa manufacturers have started incorporating circuit boards into their designs.

There are still a lot of spa switches out there that are not working properly. This post will walk you through some of the steps involved in identifying and installing spa air switches.


Types of Spa Air Switches

Air switches are used in spas to break a circuit. They are similar to a light switch or a circuit breaker.

A standard air switch controls one load, such as a light or a blower. There are a few different types of switches, such as the Single Pole, the SPST, and the Double Pole. These types of switches can be used with different outputs.

A switch that has two wires in it and four wires out is called a Double Pole. It's also known as the DPDT. A multi-function switch can have multiple terminals.

Air switches have a small ribbed opening called a "Spout". This is where an air hose comes on to the air switch.

A latching type of air switch is known as a "push on" activated, while a non-latching type of switch is known as a "permanent" or "alternating" air switch. These are typically used for controlling various functions simultaneously.

A multi-function sequence switch has multiple terminals. These are usually used for spa applications. The most common type of sequence switch is the momentary spa switch.


Trouble Shooting Spa Air Switches

Your first indication of a problem is that the button doesn't work. This step should be performed by removing the equipment panel and ensuring that the hose is connected to the controls.

If the switch is already clicking, or you hear a small noise, then try to make a small noise to see if it's possible to hear it. If not, then inspect the air hose for splits or cracks.


Resistance in Ohms

An adjustable air switch has a threaded body. It can be used with a dial that's over a standard air switch. During a troubleshooting job, you may want to turn the dial in one direction and track the number of revolutions.

When prompted, shut off power to the spa. Use a multi-meter to check the continuity of the incoming circuit breaker. Once done, set the meter leads onto the terminals and tape them to the walls.

While holding the meter on the terminal, have a helper push the button up-top to connect it to the air switch. Make sure that the meter is connected to the air switch correctly.


Identifying your Spa Air Switch

When selecting a replacement switch, make sure that it's the exact type that's used. Not necessarily the same brand but the same voltage and amperage.

If you find a faulty spa switch, first identify the individual wires that go to it. Then, unscrew the switch from its mounting.

When looking for a replacement for your Hottubworks switch, try looking for pictures of potential replacements. Doing so will help identify the switch in the pictures.


Buying a New Spa Air Switch

We sell thousands of air switches each day and, in most cases, we get back 10% of the orders that customers make when they select the wrong one.

We carry a huge variety of spa air switches, so if you're not sure what you're looking for, just call us and we'll be happy to help.


Installing a New Spa Air Switch

Most air switches are housed in a central control box. Some are mounted on a surface, while others are clipped in place. Follow these instructions to remove all wires and air hose.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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