Top 7 Best Pool Repair Kits

Inflatable pools and paddling pools are becoming increasingly popular. While these pools were usually quite small a few years ago, today pools with several meters in diameter and a capacity of many thousands of liters of water are not uncommon.

However, once the pool shows signs of a rip, it can be quite stressful. Sometimes pool rips or cracks cannot be repaired with a patch kit. There are, however, times where all you will need is a simple patching option to get your pool up and running.

We have been through the entire journey of swimming pool liner underwater vinyl patch repair kit research as we have put forward an entire list of the best swimming pool liner underwater vinyl patch repair kit available in the market these days. Just keep reading the following guide!



1. True Strength Repair Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Swimming Pool Boat Repair Kit

True Strength Repair Offers A Premium Quality Repair Kit Using the Signature Super Strong TSR Repair Patches Along Side Top Branded Specialist Repair Waterproof Adhesive Stormsure. Kit Contains 3 x 2.5" 3 x 2" 3 x 1.75" Patches 2 x 5g Stormsure Adhesive 1 x Disposable Gloves And Instructions For Use.


- You Can Fix Your Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Swimming Pool Using this Premium Quality Repair Kit

- Super Strong TSR Repair Patches

- Top Branded Stormsure Waterproof Repair Adhesive


2. STORMSURE Inflatable and Pool Waterproof Repair Kit Adhesive Glue RKINFLATE

This kit is perfect for fixing rips, leaks and split seams on inflatable items such as paddling pools, beach balls, bouncy castles, airbed, canoes, dinghy boats and other inflatable items. Ideal for repairing sails, kites and bladders and surf boards. Will repair seams which have split due to over inflation or overloading of canoe or dinghy. Provides waterproof repairs quickly and easily. Kit includes 5g Clear Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive; 2 x Stormsure Circular TUFF patches 75mm diameter; Stormsure TUFF Tape 75mm x 200mm (Width x Length). Use the patches or tape to provide a quick and easy fix to tears, leaks and holes. Use the adhesive where it is not practical to stick a patch or where a patch cannot easily be made airtight.


- Waterproof

- This kit is perfect for fixing Inflatable Spa Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool

- Also suitable for use on foul weather clothing, boots, waders, kites, watersport toys, soft luggage, PVC pools, and liners, inflatables, canopies, tents, sails and dry bags and much more.

- Item Weight ‎40 Grams


3. Happy Hot Tubs WET or DRY Swimming Pool Liner Vinyl Repair Kit Inflatable Tub Patch Paddling

The Happy Hot Tubs Vinyl Repair Kit is perfect for repairing swimming pools, air beds, inflatable toys, inflatable hot tubs and much more! This patch can be used underwater too!


- Happy Hot Tubs vinyl repair kit including large patch (140mm x 580mm), 60ml of adhesive and an adhesive application tool.

- Can be applied out of water and underwater.

- The original vinyl repair kit, perfect for repairing inflatable hot tubs, swimming pools, paddling pools and inflatables.

- Clean the surface, cut the patch, apply adhesive to the patch then apply the patch removing air bubbles in the process.


4. AIEVE Repair Tape

AIEVE repair tape is suitable for leaky all the Inflatables, camping tent, inflatable swimming pools, air mattresses, rainwear, and more.


- The repair patch is made of top TPU material, durable and has high adhesion and elasticity. Ideal tape for bonding, repairing, and strengthening.

- You only need to paste and press until the puncture part is perfectly covered and repaired (note: the size of the patch is 7cm/2.76in, you can cut the suitable size to apply the repaired part).

- The repair tape can be used for all kinds of tents, horse rugs, jackets, awnings, inflatables, quickly and easily repair puncture, tear and other damage.

- During the repair process, please ensure that the bonding part is dry , clean and flat , otherwise it will affect the paste and waterproof effect.


5. Pool Patch WPPR1 Pool Plaster Repair Kit

If you have a small crack and you don’t want to call in a pool repair company, the Pool Plaster Repair Kit is a perfect choice. You will have to mix according to the formula on the container and then simply apply it to the pool where it needs it the most.

Most important this product will set in about three to four hours. This means that you can accomplish this project one day and be swimming again the next. If you happen to be patching in the summertime, the quick dry time will be a great feature.


- Save time and money by repairing small issues in your pool yourself! Our plaster repair kit is a great choice for patching over small cracks and delaminated areas.

- No complicated techniques or tools needed here. Our pool plaster formula is designed for both professionals and everyday homeowners to use with refreshing ease.

- Your time matters, and the sooner your pool is fixed, the better. This fast setting solution cures in approximately 3 to 4 hours, allowing you to get the job done in a single afternoon.

- Able to cover up to 3/4 square feet at a 3/8-inch thickness, our hand-moldable plaster patch is extremely strong once it has cured. It also offers minimal shrinkage.

- Our pool plaster repair kit is made in the United States. It is composed of waterproof pozzolan blended white cement and a liquid cement bonder in every purchase.


6. Swimline Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit

With this product, you can patch both pinholes and tears in your vinyl pool. These patches are capable of holding up underwater. One of the other good things about the Swimline is that the repairs seem to hold up well over time.

With this kid, you get two clear patches and two vinyl patches. Just in case you have more than one hole in your pool’s vinyl, you will have enough material to fix everything.


- Comes with an excess of supplies

- Can work on pinholes and tears

- Long-lasting adhesive materials

- Kit contains 4 23 x 6 inch clear patches

- Contains 4 ounces of vinyl adhesive that will work under water and applicator


7. Calvana (2-Pack) 4-oz All Purpose Epoxy Putty Stick

With in-ground pools having a lot of water, the pool tends to have to deal with a lot more pressure. This Calvana All-Purpose Epoxy stick is a great choice because it will work on concrete, ceramics, metals, and even wood.

With this stick, you will be able to fix areas that are under the water, above the water, and even the pool pump should it have an issue. Always make sure that the damaged spot is cleaned before putting the adhesive on. If you don’t clean the area, you will have a hard time getting it to stick.


- Can be used on repairs and above ground and inground pools

- Simple to use

- Long-lasting hold

- 2-in-1 Pool Epoxy:  the resin and hardener combined into one bar so whenever you need a waterproof and moldable substance to repair all items around your pool, just cutting, kneading, and applying.

- Curing Time: 60 min


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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