Top 6 Best Hot Tub pillows

Hot tubs are not just a great way to unwind; they are also extremely beneficial to your health. But there are extra elements that could make your relaxation session much more comfortable.

Hot tub pillows are a small investment to make in the grand scheme of relaxation and comfort for your spa. These pillows are specifically designed to be used in the hot tub providing relief to stiff neck muscles and prevent neck pain post your hot tub relaxation time.

They are available in different styles and design hence enabling people to choose the best fit. Instead of resting your head and shoulder on hard bathtub wall, these pillows are ones that offer cushioning. They provide remarkable padding that ensures everyone enjoys perfect relaxation.

So, read on to get some interesting ideas for enhancing your spa experience!



1. Intex PureSpa Headrest

A simple hot tub headrest that works well as a budget option. It’s somewhat specifically tailored to go with an Intex Purespa, but can be used with other tubs.

One of the unique features of this headrest is that it can be filled with air, water, or even sand to adjust the firmness.

Intex recommends that it be filled at least somewhat with water to ensure that it is stable atop the side wall.

This headrest will require considerably less maintenance, given that it is not made of mesh material. Water from the hot tub can’t flow into it, just the water you add specifically.

It may be smart to drain the water and rinse it out inside each time you empty and refill. Otherwise, a light scrubbing should help every month or so if while it’s getting regular use.


- The convenient spa headrest allows you to comfortably rest your head while you relax in the soothing spa.

- Designed to be placed on top of the spa wall. Weighted down (when filled with water) to secure the headrest in place.

- Can be partially filled with air to fit your personal preference for firmness.

- Removable for convenience. Dimensions: 15-3/8" L x 11-3/4" W x 9" H


2. Intex "PureSpa" Foam Headrest

These spa pillows from Intex do not resemble your regular pillow. They are ergonomically designed budget-friendly spa pillows to offer maximum comfort. The material used in this pillow is soft Polyurethane foam. This provides a comfortable cushion to rest your head.

It is designed to fit the Intex Purespa but is fixable on other inflatable hot tubs as well. You can fill it with water, sand, or air according to your comfort. But Intex recommends it partially be filled with water to keep it sturdy.

The size of each spa pillow is 11x9x6.75 inches. They are secured to the wall of the spa. You can change their position with ease and also remove it quickly. This is definitely one of the best inflatable hot tub pillows on the market today.


- Dimensions: 28cm x 23cm x 17cm

- Securely attaches to the spa wall

- Easy to reposition or remove for convenience


3. Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow

The Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow will delight anyone on your holiday wish list. With more than 2” of luxurious padded foam, you can truly give the ultimate gift of relaxation!


- More suction cups; 2 panel pillow features 7 powerful suction cups that help eliminate common and irritating pillow slippage to create the most relaxing bathing experience; moisten each suction cup before application; press firmly on your smooth non textured tub surface for a secure grip

- Large 2 panel design; oversized pillow measures 14.5 by 11 inches; orthopedic design provides support for your head, shoulder, neck, and back as you recline in your tub

- Waterproof; superior design helps prevent water from entering the pillow; easy to wipe down and keep clean with nonporous surface

- Universal use; fits any size tub, spa, or jacuzzi

- Always a Great Gift: with more than 2 inches of luxurious padded foam, you can truly give the ultimate gift of relaxation, anytime of the year


4. Kleeger Non-Slip Home Spa Jacuzzi Bath Pillow

This is a reasonable, multi-purpose bath pillow to purchase if you don’t mind a bit of upkeep. It can be used as a seat, headrest, or full body pillow to suit a variety of needs. It’s pretty comfortable and works in any hot tub or bath environment.


- Antibacterial mesh material

- Quick drying

- Built-in suction cups to help prevent it from sliding

- Pillow comes with a 5-year warranty. Contact Kleeger directly for any questions.


5. Sundance Spa Replacement Pillow

If you own a Sundance spa, this spa pillow is perfect for you if you are finding a replacement pillow. All Sundance spas already come with their spa pillow attached to it. This spa pillow fits into the spa and stays fixed in its position.

The advantage of this pillow is its compatibility with many spas such as Dover, Camden, Hamilton, Certa, and Chelsee. This spa pillow can be installed in just a few minutes!


- Fits 2001 to 2008 850 and 880 Sundance Series Spa

- Two holes behind insert to fit nylon screws to fasten to spa shell

- Offset dark grey insert

- Compatible with many spas

- Easy to install


6. Astor & Kline Luxury Bath Pillow

This Astor & Kline bath pillow have an ergonomic 2-panel design to provide extra support for your head, neck, back and shoulders. Whether you're relaxing in the bath or chilling in the hot tub, the flexible design of this pillow allows it to be used with all bathtubs, jacuzzi's, hot tubs etc.


- The patented air mesh technology used to manufacture each Astor & Kline bath cushion provides ultimate comfort whilst also being durable. Its breathable design also ensures it is quick drying.

- This new design provides a sturdier cushion which ensures a more enjoyable bath. Each suction cup includes a handy tab that makes the pillow effortless to remove once used.

-  Astor & Kline bathtub pillow is ideal as a gift for him or her. It’s perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or even to add to your own collection of bath accessories!


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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