Top 7 Best Pool Clarifiers

Few things are more relaxing and enjoyable than a sunny afternoon spent swimming in the crystal-clear waters of your backyard pool. But what if your pool water isn’t as clear as you’d like? Maybe after opening for the season, your pool’s water seems to be murky and cloudy, making it less than appealing for swimming.

A swimming pool filtration system rids your pool of particles that can cause hazy, cloudy water. Sometimes, your pool filter needs help getting rid of small particles. That’s where pool clarifier comes in.

A Pool Clarifier is a liquid substance that contains polymers – chain-like molecules that act as coagulants on tiny particles that are too small for your filters to catch. Adding a clarifier causes these tiny particles to clump together and allows your filter to remove them through its regular process.

A clean and clear swimming pool is not only inviting but it also represents healthy water. Hence, it's important to choose and apply the most effective water clarifier in your swimming pool and make it a part of your maintenance. In this regard, we selected 7 of the best pool clarifiers you can use in 2021 and are easily available in the market today.

Let's dive in!


1. Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier 1-Quart Crystal Clear Pool Water Polisher

    Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier is a clarifier formulated to treat 5,000 gallons of water. The consistency of this formula is thick and is used to maintain clear pool water without affecting the pool’s pH balance and chemicals. It works well at varying temperatures and chemical levels.

    This concentrated formula is designed to clear foggy water and prevent it from getting cloudy. It can be used with all types of filters without clogging it and works well with chlorine, ozone, biguanide, and bromine, sanitizers. This product is used to treat and remove algae and debris from the pool water.

    It’s a great way to clean your pool fast and allows you to swim in the pool immediately after treatment.


    - Concentrated Formula - Only 1 oz. treats 5,000 gallons

    - Clears cloudy water fast & prevents future hazy appearance

    - Effective at varying temperature levels & range of chemical levels

    - Use with all filter types - will not clog filters

    - Reduces sanitizer demand by removing dirt particles


    2. Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clarifier 32 oz

      Clorox Pool and Spa Super Water Clarifier is a concentrated pool water clarifier that creates crystal clear pool water. The formula combines the small particles that make your water dull, hazy, or cloudy into larger particles that are easier for your filter to remove. You only need 1 ounce of product for 5000 gallons of water to see results. We really like that no dilution needed. You simply apply slowly around the edges of your pool's deep end and allow the pump to run for at least 8 hours.


      - Concentrated pool clarifier to clear dull, hazy or cloudy pool water

      - Creates crystal clear pool water

      - Combines Small particles into large ones for easy filter removal

      - Use weekly to maintain clear water

      - Great for before or after a pool party for crystal clear water


      3. Arch Chemical HTH Clarifier

        Another super-concentrated liquid clarifier, HTH Clarifier also treats around 5,000 gallons of water with one ounce.

        It’s non-toxic so you can swim soon after its added to your water and it’s specifically made not to affect your pool’s pH balance. We love that it's such a great value, its fast-working power and ease of use.

        HTH Clarifier is great when you need a mile and inexpensive product for frequent use.

        It’s also readily available at most big retailers and big-box pool stores.


        - Restores crystal clear pool water

        - Does not effect ph balance

        - Super concentrated clarifier

        - Country of origin: United States


        4. Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity All-in-One Natural Pool Clarifier

          If you’re looking for a way to eliminate the murky appearance of your pool water but you don’t want to add any more harsh and toxic chemicals into the mix, then the Tidal Vision Crystal Clarity Pool Clarifier is an option you might consider. It’s completely biodegradable and environmentally safe because it’s completely non-toxic and has no added dyes or fragrances.

          This was one of the more powerful and concentrated clarifiers that we tested. It works very quickly and we started noticing the results in only a few hours. After about eight hours, our once cloudy pool was crystal-clear and looked as inviting as we’ve ever seen it. But you can easily add too much of this clarifier and accidentally turn the water a bit green so be careful to properly follow the instructions. Thanks to its quick and effective performance mixed with an affordable price, the Tidal Vision Pool Clarifier is our top recommendation.


          - All natural pool and spa clarifier

          - Binds to suspended debris, oils, scum, and excess metals - keeping your pool crystal clear

          - Non-toxic and natural

          - 100% made in the USA


          5. HTH 67023 Super Clarifier Swimming Pool Cleaner, 32 fl oz

            The HTH 67023 Super Clarifier S is produced to clear cloudy pool water by collecting the particles that are fogging up the water. This clarifier makes it easier for the pool’s filter to remove the debris. It works with all types of pool and saltwater systems.

            This concentrated formula effectively removes algae and debris while improving the efficiency of your filter. It helps maintain your pool’s crystal clear water without affecting the pH levels.


            - Clears up dull, cloudy or hazy pool water so you can relax in crystal clear water all summer long

            - Apply directly to pool water or skimmer; Use 4-12 hours after HTH Shock! and HTH Algaecide products for best results

            - Great for all pool types including all pool surfaces and saltwater systems

            - Does not affect pool’s pH levels; Improves filter efficiency to remove dead algae and organic debris; Fast-acting, concentrated formula

            - Includes one 1-qt container of super clarifier for your swimming pool water


            6. BioGuard Polysheen Blue Clarifier

              BioGuard Polysheen Blue is another highly-concentrated product that a lot of pool owners love. Many pool owners say it gives them a crystal clear pool super fast and has their pools shimmer like diamonds and remain fog-free. This clarifier is another great choice as it offers the same concentrated cleaning power of one ounce to every 5,000 gallons of water for a great value.


              - Highly concentrated water clarifier, no dilution needed

              - Fast-acting formula that clears cloudy water

              - Recommended for weekly use

              - For all pool and filter types


              7. In The Swim Concentrated Swimming Pool Super Clarifier 1 Quart

                In The Swim Super Clarifier is a super concentrated pool water clarifier. It helps remove small particles from the water by coagulating them together, allowing the filter to easily remove them. This pool clarifier is recommended for use after an algae treatment. We really like this highly concentrated formula, it is easy to use and improves filter function and efficiency. The initial treatment for most pools is 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons. Overall, this is a great pool clarifier!


                - Highly concentrated formula

                - Improves filter function and efficiency

                - Recommended for use after algae treatment

                - Initial Dosage: 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons

                - NOT recommended for use with DE pool filters


                If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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