Top 6 Best Water Levelers for Pools

Evaporation, wind, and splashing are a few of the factors that reduce the water level in your pool. In the past, pool owners had to keep a watchful eye over water loss in order to avoid problems. Especially when you are frequently away from home and the pool needs maintenance.

Now, there’s an easier and more efficient solution. An automatic leveler can make sure your pool has the right amount of water at all times, preventing damage to your equipment. It’ll reduce the need for monitoring on your part, and you’ll no longer hear the dreaded sound of your pump sucking in nothing but air. These clever devices sit on the edge of your pool and often simply connect to your garden hose.

As the market is flooded with a variety of  pool levelers, it is difficult to make a decision which one is the best for you. Don’t worry as we’ve made things easier for you. The automatic pool filler reviews you’ll see below are some of the best-selling products:


1. Fill-O-Matic 2000 swimming pool water leveler

This pool water leveller will automatically keep your swimming pool water filled to the level you desire. It works with both in ground or above ground pools. It’s made in the USA with the highest quality materials currently available. Its base is designed with 100% rubber and has a lifetime warranty, it will not slide, slip, or leave any marks.

Also, its UV stabilized acrylic bracket gives the ultimate in chlorine strength and resistance. The float valve mechanism has been proven in over a hundred thousand installations around the world. The level can be adjusted from 2 inch depth to 9 inch and an extension bracket is available at Amazon that can add an extra 5 inch of depth.

If your water pressure is above 60 PSI, a pressure reducing valve is probably needed.


- #1 Rated Automatic Pool Fill Valve in the WORLD! The PATENTED design can not be beat.

- In ground or above ground, salt or fresh water, vinyl lined or concrete- the Fill-O-Matic is the best choice!

- 100% rubber base will not slip or slide like cheaper plastic models, preventing it from slipping into the pool

- Includes Stainless Steel Hose & Brass 90, U.V. stabilized acrylic brackets and stainless steel hardware will provide years of service

- Automatically keeps your swimming pool water at your determined height, adjustable from 2" to 9"


2. Rola-Chem Sentry Automatic Pool Water Leveler

Buying an automatic pool filler is very important. Especially when you are frequently away from home and the pool needs maintenance. Let’s see how you can install a water filler and create a DIY automatic pool filler along with the leading pool water levelers in the market.


- Automatically Maintains Water Level So You Don'T Have To

- Attaches To Standard Garden Hose

- Automatically Shuts Off After Reaching Your Predetermined Water Level

- Country Of Origin: China


3. Control Devices RM153-20BK Water Leveler

For the best automatic pool water leveler for the money, we suggest Control Devices water leveler. At a much lower price, you’ll get a product made with sturdy, durable materials.

The heavy-duty brass float valve features a stainless-steel insert and a rubber flat seal. We found that your investment in this product should last about three years.

As for function, we learned that it works well to monitor the water level and refill as needed. It’s easy to install and can be adjusted without difficulty. While not a significant issue, it does have a lower flow rate than similar products.


- Best value

- Sturdy, durable construction

- Works well to monitor water level

- Easy to install and adjust


4. Staypoollizer 2.0 Premium

The Staypoollizer 2.0 Premium (appx. $128) is a maintenance-free solution that's built to accommodate water pressures up to 200 PSI without suffering stress cracks or leakage. Its adaptive design allows it to remain in place securely over the edges of either flat or tapered decks.


- Solid metal inlet

- No assembly required

- Available in black or white


5. LITTLE GIANT Plastic Housing Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve TM825

This automatic pool water leveller is a highly advisable battery that has high capacity. It uses the latest technology to give you the high quality pool filler. For this product, you’ll get various advantages from it such as; it is utilized with a 375 gallon per hour capacity.

Additionally, it is engineered with a plastic as well as galvanized metal that is very helpful in any scenarios. Another thing is that, it is very easy to use and quick to install.

The most crucial factor about this product is that it is made in USA. For the most part, we all know everything that it is made in USA have high-grade quality and the best result for everyone after they’ve used it and it’s not easy to break in any kind of situation.

And lastly, you can use this on a PVC frame that acts as an automatic swimming pool filler. It is very effective but since water source is from a well, the hardware rusts and you might need to use an angle saw to get the bolts off to replace the unit.


- 375 gallon per hour capacity

- Plastic and galvanized metal

- Easy To Install

- Made in the USA


6. Kona Labs LevelSmart LS-25

With the Kona Labs LevelSmart LS-25 (about $789), a small sensor is placed in your skimmer that communicates wirelessly with a receiver to turn on the valve and send in more water when necessary. It includes a sturdy power supply and all the required mounting hardware.


- 10-year battery life on sensor

- Wireless range of up to 1000 feet

- Costs a pretty penny


 If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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