Best 8 Safety Accessories for pool

The arrival of blooming spring means the time has come to get your in-ground swimming pool ready for the warm sunny days. Nothing beats the fun of spending a hot summer evening soaked in fresh and cool pool water. It’s the best refreshment for anyone! But before you start, you should consider about pool security and safety. You need to make sure that you know how to keep everyone safe.

Prevent unsupervised pool access with pool safety equipment like physical barriers and alarm systems. In this guide, you will learn which water rescue tools you should always have by your pool just in case a fun swim session turns into an emergency. Here are the top 8 essential pool accessories you will find in the market. All of this pool safety gear is intended to provide long-term pool safety benefits that can be relied upon season after season.



1. Animal/pet safety equipment - Skamper Ramp Super

The perfect escape ramp in the event that a pet falls into your pool or spa. Pet can scamper up the perforated ramp to safety. Simply keep ramp tied it to the side of your pool (hardware and rope included). The lightweight, ribbed plastic ramp floats atop the water until needed. Ramp simply flips out of the water when not needed. Skamper-Ramp is made from 8mm, chemical- and UV-resistant, recyclable, box-corrugated, PP (polypropylene). For this reason, the ramp will not yellow over time. The ramp comes complete with nylon rope, nuts, bolts and wing strips. Comes complete with installation instructions. Not recommended for soft-sided-vinyl, above-ground, non-permanent structures.


- SCAMPER RAMP: This pet ramp for small dogs helps pups enter & exit the pool, especially if they fall in. Simply attach to the side of the pool with included rope & hardware so the ramp stays atop of the water.

- RAMP FOR THE POOL: The UV-resistant pet ramp for dogs include ramp, nylon rope, nuts, bolts, wing strips & easy-to-follow installing instructions. Not recommended for soft vinyl & non-permanent structures.

- PET SAFETY: Keep pets safe while enjoying the outdoors with a variety of steel & braided tie-out cables & stakes for leashes. Best for homes without a fence. We also provide pet stairs for small & senior animals, ramps for swimming pools & more.

- GAMMA2 PET SAFETY: Gamma2 provides the Scamper Ramp to keep your small, large & medium dogs safe while poolside. If your pet falls into the pool, they can use the Scamper Ramp for an easy exit.

- JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry friends! Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit! Jackson Galaxy & more!


2. Floating Sensor - Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

Particularly ideal for above-ground pools or if you’d rather not screw something into your pool wall is a floating sensor. This type of pool alarm floats on the surface of the water as a buoy and can detect when a pet or child enters the pool. Also, a floating pool safety alarm is easily portable, if you want to take it along on vacation.


- Lifebuoy alarms are equipped with motion detector sensors which trigger the alarm when a child or pet falls into the water. It can easily detect motion in the pool.

- Lifebuoy Pool Alarm devices have an innovative state of the art technology to ensure your safety in all types of pools: a pool alarm for above ground pools, inground pools, spas, ornamental pools, constructed or temporary pools.

- Lifebuoy pool alarm system comes with a smart Bluetooth app which is used to setup and control the pool alarm. Use it to adjust the sensitivity of the system or increase / decrease the siren length. You can connect the Lifebuoy App to multiple Lifebuoy alarm Systems and can also have multiple users. Please note that the App will only work within Bluetooth range.

- Setting up is easy! All batteries are included - just attach the pool unit poolside using the provided attachment kit and you are ready to go. Lifebuoy pool safety alarm works on replaceable non-rechargeable batteries. Batteries model is ER 9V 1200mAh Lithium. Batteries can last up to 3 years, depending on usage.

- Lifebuoy uses a smart feature named Swim Mode. When Swim Mode is activated, the alarm will not sound off – to allow swimming. Should no movement be detected for 10 minutes, the system will reactivate automatically, and in the event of a fall into the pool - a siren will go off.


3. Threshold Alarm - HENDUN Outdoor Door Alarm with Remote Keypad

Obviously, the number one safety concern with swimming pools is the risk of drowning. A really smart way to safeguard against potential accidents is to have a “threshold alarm.” This is basically an alarm that can be set to go off whenever the entrance to the pool (be it a door, a gate, whatever) is opened. They are easy to silence, but also make it very easy to know when someone might have wandered near the water.


- NOTE: SUPER LOUD-140 dB, if you use it indoors, you may feel too noisy. The volume can't be controlled.

- Perfect ideal for outdoor use such as in ground pool gate, patios, fence, shed, entrances and exits, prevent robbery and door prying.

- There are many installation methods, tape, tie, screw. Both numeric keyboard and remote control can be operated.

- When the battery power is low, it will beep 6 times continuously. Pls replace the battery in time.

- Made with grade PVC housing, rubberized weather/water resistant seal.


4. Pool Cover – WaterWarden Safety Inground Pool Cover

A pool cover protects the pool from leaves, petals and dirt. Having one can also deter kids (and neighbors) from trying to hop in the pool. To prevent a child from falling and slipping underneath the cover, make sure it covers the whole pool securely. Look for a pool cover that fits the ASTM International guidelines for safety. (It should be labeled as ASTM certified.)

Consider an automatic pool cover, since they’re made to hold a lot of weight and seal the pool on all sides. In addition, they’re super convenient to use, because no heavy lifting is necessary. Know that floating pool covers can actually be a safety hazard, since they make the pool surface look like it’s solid ground, but someone stepping on top could still fall in and even become trapped or hidden from view.


- WaterWarden Pool Safety Covers are UL classified in accordance with ASTM Standard F1346-91, giving you peace of mind that your inground pool will be properly safeguarded.

- This swimming pool cover features 2-ply strapping that’s triple-stitched throughout for maximum strength. All straps have non-corrosive aluminum tips and large X-tacking manually sewn on.

- A tamping tool, installation rod and hex key are included for installation. The solid brass anchors recess flush into the pool deck so they don’t pose a tripping hazard when the inground pool cover is not in use.

- This mesh safety cover has a break-strength of over 4,000 lbs. Abrasion-resistant pads protect the cover from wear at its contact points with your pool decking.

- This WaterWarden pool cover features a generous 1’ overlap on all sides to ensure complete coverage. The overall cover measures 14' x 26' to fit a 12’ x 24’ inground swimming pool.


5. Pool Safety Rope - Fibropool Pre-Assembled Safety Rope & Float, 20' Pool Size

A safety rope that attaches to the side and floats in the pool is always a good idea. Not only can it give kids a visual for where the “deep end” begins, but it can also be used as something to hold on to, should a child need assistance.


- 9 integrated floats provide a visual barrier for swimmers

- High-quality, chrome hardware resists rust and weather

- 20' rope can be easily adjusted to suit your needs


6. Ring buoy and throwing rope - Taylor Made 364 Life Ring Buoy, ORANGE, 24"

It’s not always time efficient or even safe to jump into the pull and attempt a hand-to-hand rescue. Instead, toss a ring buoy to a struggling swimmer and tow them to the side of the pool so they can safely get out.

Ring buoys typically come in 24-inch and 30-inch diameters. Lifeguards might use the 30-inch buoy when rescuing multiple people, but a 24-inch buoy will suffice for residential pools. The smaller buoy is also easier to throw and tow.

Be sure to purchase a throwing rope long enough to reach across the full length of the pool.


- Polyurethane foam is extremely buoyant for ultimate floating performance

- Floating polypropylene grab lines

- Durable polyethylene and vinyl skin

- Molded-in becket design

- Minimum Buoyancy (lbs) 16.5


7. Anti-entrapment drain covers - Hayward WGX1048E White Cover, Measures 8-inch Diameter

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007 requires all pools installed or manufactured in the U.S. to feature an anti-entrapment drain cover.2 Without such a cover, the suction from a pool drain is strong enough to trap a small child underwater, especially if their hair gets caught in the drain.

If your pool was made or installed prior to 2008, make sure it has this life-saving cover.


- Fits hayward suction and dual suction outlet models wg1048avpak2, wg1049avpak2, wg1051avpak2, wg1052avpak2, wg1053avpak2, wg1054avpak2, wg1030avpak2

- Measures 8-inch diameter

- White color

- Weighs 5-pound

- International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.


8. First aid kit

Last but not the least; make sure you have all the essential rescue equipment and a first aid kit nearby the pool. In addition to having the right swimming pool rescue equipment and accessories, you also need to have proper swimming pool rescue training. Equipment and accessories include lifesaver rings, inflatable vests, a Shepherd’s Crook, life hooks, spine boards, rescue tubes, and a first aid kit. Remember to keep them accessible to quickly pull someone from the water safely. With such kits handy, you can avoid accidents around the pool as they can be used in case of emergencies or injuries. But do remember to check them periodically to make sure they are in good condition.


- This kit is equipped to serve 10 - 25 people

- Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.25 x 2 inches.

- The handle has two holes so the kit can be mounted to a wall

- Waterproof Case


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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