Top 5 Pool Filter Balls

If you find that the pool filter balls are the right option for you - keep reading our guide!
The Pool Filtel Balls are made from polyethylene and can reduce your pool’s operating expenses. And because they are not made of miniscule particles, there’s zero chance they’ll clog your filter. Overall this is lightweight and easy to work with as an alternative to a traditional bag of sand that you would put in your filter.

1) Misscat 1.5 lbs Pool Filter Balls Eco-Friendly Fiber Filter Media for Swimming Pool Sand Filters (Equals 50 lbs Pool Filter Sand)

Misscat pool filter balls are designed to replace the traditional sand for filtration in your swimming pools. Unlike more common methods of filtering, Misscat’s pool filter balls do not clog and require less backwashing than many other materials that are used as a sand replacement.These lengthen the life of any standard pump or filter system while offering superior filtering quality at an affordable price point.
- Misscat pool filter media is designed to replace the filter sand for pool sand filters. 1.5 lbs pool filter ball is equivalent to 50lbs pool filter sand
- Perfect for summer pool sand filter and others water filter, clear water makes you and your children enjoy swimming more. No sand in the pool, lighter and more efficient than traditional filter sand
- Spherical fiber filter is made of polyester, polypropylene spherical filter and acrylic fiber. It has the advantages of high filtration strength, fast filtration speed, long service life, reusable, good elasticity and low loss
- Unlike sand, the filter ball does not block your filter and requires less backwash for maintenance purposes. Premium filter media extends filter life and is a perfect replacement for filter sand, filter glass and other media
- Misscat filter ball promises 100% Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Replacement Warranty for logistics damages ensures customer satisfaction

2) Rx Clear Blue Luster Eco-Friendly Filter Media for Swimming Pool Sand Filters | Alternative to Sand and Filter Glass | Specialty Anti-Bacterial Technology Helps Reduce Bacterial Growth

The Rx Clear Luster Filter Media is the answer to your pool’s filtration needs. This alternative to sand provides a more effective, efficient clean than ever before and without any of the issues with clogging or backwashing.The best part? These filter media balls are so lightweight you’ll have no problem cleaning them out yourself. With proper care and handling, these reusable filter balls can last for several seasons. If you get them dirty or need to clean them up a little bit. you can just toss them into your washing machine and put them back into your filter afterward.
- ANTI-BACTERIAL – The blue Luster Filter Media is made from antimicrobial technology which helps reduce bacteria and microorganism growth in your swimming pool. Luster Filter Media can last up to five years with proper care and maintenance.
- A REPLACEMENT FOR SAND - Rx Clear Luster Filter Media is designed to be an alternative to pool filter sand for pool filters. One box of filter media (1.5 lbs) equals 50 lbs of sand.
- GREAT WATER CLARIFIER - Made from 100% polyethylene these tiny balls will clean your freshwater, filtering down 5 to 3 microns making for a more enjoyable swim in your pool.
- LONGER LIFE SPAN - With proper care and handling, the swimming pool balls can last for several seasons. These reusable filter balls are machine wash friendly and you can clean them whenever needed. Perfect replacement for your pool filtration sand filter.
- SWIMMING POOL SAND FILTER - Unlike sand, Luster Balls won’t clog your filter and will require less backwashing for maintenance purposes. Perfect replacement for sand filter sand, filter glass and other glass media. Give your filter and yourself an easy time with the simple replacement of the Luster Filter Media. Super charge your swimming pool equipment and prolong its lifespan.

3) 2.2 lbs Fiber Pool Filter Ball, Reusable Sand Filter Cartridges Replacement for Swimming Pool Filter Pump and Aquarium(Equals 75 lbs Pool Filter Sand)

The BWOU pool filter balls are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to lighten their load. The 2.2 lbs filter balls can do what a 75-pound bag of sand does- but with less maintenance, it won’t clog your filters and you don’t have to worry about frequent backwashing.
- Stop Carry Large and Heavy Sandbags - BWOU pool filter ball is designed for pool filter sand replacing, as 2.2 lbs filter ball is equivalent to 75 lbs pool filter sand, lighter and more efficient.
- Comparison of Fiber Ball and Sand - The filter ball can trap tiny suspended solids that are not easily precipitated and removed, and it will not block your filter(unlike sand) and requires less backwash for maintenance purposes.
- Details of BWOU Fiber Pool Filter Ball - It is made of polyester, polypropylene spherical filter and acrylic fiber, each one is about 1.37in-1.96inch with the filters down 5 to 3 microns.
- Reusable, Washable & Durable - With proper care and handling, the swimming pool filter balls can last for several seasons, they are machine wash friendly and you can clean them whenever you need.
- Widely Use Application and Long Service Life - Suitable for swimming pools, filter pumps, aquariums etc. And the service life of the fiber filter ball is more than 5 years.

4) FilterBalls Minis -Filter Media- Made in The USA, Easy to Install Filter Media for Above Ground Pools, Air Filtration, Replacement for Sand, Zeolite, and Mystic White 1/2 Cubic Ft Bag, Green, Small

FilterBalls media are designed for pool and industrial water treatment applications. The media is an alternative to sand in sand filter housings. The product is made of a patented combination of thermally bonded polyester fibers to enable tight filtration, backwashing and prevention of fibers migrating from the filter into the pool. FilterBalls are made entirely in the USA and are certified to commercial pool and drinking water ANSI/NSF standards by Underwriters Laboratories, (UL).
- CleanTech Water Filter Media - 100% MADE IN THE USA, Easy to Install
- FILTERBALLS MINIS WATER FILTER - A filter media constructed for use with all the above or in-ground pools. Designed for use when the media bed is 12 inches or greater. Recommended for all filter housings rated at 250 lbs of sand or less. Perfect for residential backyard pools.
- ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - FilterBalls Minis are 100% recyclable. You may recycle your FilterBalls every couple of years. Reduction in operating pressure means less energy usage. Create less strain on your pumps and system. CleanTech refers to any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.
- SAFETY STANDARDS - Health and Safety Standards for the pool industry and commercial food and beverage processing are set by the National Safety Foundation (NSF) and certified by independent laboratories like Underwriter Laboratories. FilterBalls meet the highest standards set for filter media. FilterBalls media is certified for health and safety in pools and potable water to the stringent NSF standards, 50, 42, 61, and 372

5) Filter Minion Miracle Balls, 2 Pouch FM2P-G Replacement Filter for Hot Tub/Spa & Above Ground Pools, Standard Cartridges 6"-8" Tall, Yellow

Filter Minion Miracle Balls are the new and better mousetrap in the hot tub/spa and pool filter industry. Developed with German technology in 2012, each of the 16 fibrous balls in their mesh pouch are charged with a patented Silver Ion process that traps and restricts growth of what is called biofilm, which is the yucky stuff we see and smell in the water we'd prefer to be relaxing in.These miracle balls trap finer particles down to 8 microns, which means that your water will be cleaner than you're used to, and also because every drop of water passes through the balls instead of going down the center hole of a standard cartridge, and hopefully getting filtered on the next cycle. Cleaning the pouches is far easier than cleaning the pleats in a standard cartridge where the hose jet often throws yucky water right back on you. Just lay out the pouches on a deck, lawn, concrete or a bucket, and spray away, flipping the pouch over once or twice.It’s hard to say what the best part is about these miracle balls, but the fact that they should last you 3-5 years depending on use, which if you run the math, saves you a lot of money. Its also possible that you'll be able to use less chemicals than normal, but that will depend again on your usage levels.Take your time to see our size chart image, and read more information down below for those who want to know more.
- 2 pouches are made to replace cartridges 6"-8" inches tall
- Don't worry about what cartridge is compatible to yours, these replace most standard cartridges of any size, but see all images and size chart to match your need
- Simple install, pull out your dirty cartridge, drop pouches back in, and off you go for 3-5 years depending on use, and rinse clean just 1-3 times a year.
- Compatible with any standard cartridge 4-8” diameter & 6” to 20” tall but your cartridge must be captive in its cylindrical filter housing chamber, not free standing in the open. -- If your cartridge drops or threads into a cylindrical housing just larger than your cartridge, then our filters are perfect. See all images
- FILTER MINIONS outperform standard cartridges in two critical functions. Densely woven fibers filter microscopic particles that cartridges miss. Filter Minions also filter more water faster because of the larger surface area of the pouches. Save money and time in the short and long run.
- Care instructions: Wash with hose when dirty, then place back in filter hub.

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