Top 5 Best Inground Pool Pumps

You want to enjoy jumping into a deep inground pool with sparkly clean water and cooling off on a hot summer day. But first of all your swimming pool needs near constant attention.
To ensure safe, clean pool water, you need to take several steps, one of which is to install a quality swimming pool pump. The pump is responsible for moving the water through the pool filter, and sometimes, a pool heater to keep it clean and warm.
The pump, installed in a nondescript area in your yard, circulates chemicals through the water while filtering out impurities, keeping your pool sparkling clean. With a quality pump, you can spend less time taking care of your pool and more time enjoying it. The best pool pumps have the power to efficiently clean the entire volume of your pool several times in a 24-hour period without the need for constant attention.
The pump truly acts as the heart of your pool, making sure that your water stays clear, clean and safe to swim in! Without a good pump, it won’t take long for your pool water to lose its appeal. That’s why you must install the top inground pool pump you can find!
Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Inground Pool Pumps. Here are the top 5 in the market:

1. Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pump Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

If you want a pool pump you can depend on, consider the high-quality construction and features of this Hayward model. Its 1.5-horsepower motor is powerful enough to handle large swimming pools, and thanks to a design that enables air to flow through the motor, it runs at cooler temperatures, extending the life of the pump.
A large 110-cubic-inch strainer basket allows this pump to hold a significant amount of debris without compromising its pumping power. A see-through cover lets you assess the basket without removing it, while the hand knobs allow for easy tool-free cover removal. This pump is available as a single-speed or more efficient dual-speed model and works with 115- and 230-volt power sources.
- The Hayward Super Pump Single-Speed 1.5 Pool Pump sets the industry standard for efficiency and dependability and is part of the world’s best-selling medium-head pump family
- Heavy-duty, high-performance motor and airflow ventilation provide quieter, cooler, more efficient operation
- Extra-large debris basket provides added leaf-holding capacity for less frequent maintenance
- Exclusive swing-away hand knobs make for easy strainer cover removal without tools
- Unique service-ease design offers quick 4-bolt access to all internal components for simple servicing

2. Harris H1572747 ProForce 1 HP Inground Pool Pump 115/230V
The Harris Pro-force inground pool pump provides a great combination of quality and affordability. Strong, reliable, and heavy-duty all adequately describe this inground pool pump.
All the materials used in its construction are made to last — thermoplastic body, stainless steel motor shaft, and carborundum and graphite seals mean this pump will move water for the long haul. At 1.5 horsepower, it has the strength to move all the water you need.
It boasts a large filter basket for less frequent cleaning, and you’ll find it very simple to both install and maintain. All of this makes the Harris ProForce an easy to use and affordable pump that lasts.
- Stainless steel 1 HP motor shaft is constructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body for longer life and durability, with carborundum and graphite mechanical seals and components
- Advanced engineering provides high efficiency and minimal noise
- Meets or exceeds all CSA and ETL requirements
- 115 Volts, have 2 inch union connections for both suction and discharge ports, have a convenient drain plug


3. XtremepowerUS 2HP Inground Pool Pump 220V Dual Speed
This self-priming pump is a low-cost pump designed to make pool maintenance easy. The XtremepowerUS 2HP pump is constructed from a corrosion-proof polymeric material to make it last longer. It works at 220V dual speed. The maximum suction is 66 inches and the max water temperature is 104 F.
The high-performance motor has airflow ventilation to offer a smooth run time experience. This is also a treat for those who prefer their pump to be quieter.
The pump has an extra-large debris basket. From the cover, you can see exactly when the basket is full and needs cleaning. XtremepowerUS 2HP pump is also compatible with solar heating and in-floor cleaning systems. It’s extremely easy to set up with your existing system.
- Powerful Pool Pump heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
- Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
- An extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning
- 2 inch union connections for both suction and discharge ports; 5280GPH Transfer Rate; 15A at 220V; Max Suction: 66'; Max Water Temperature: 104F
- 2pc-Union Fitting included; Intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas

4. Pentair 340038 SuperFlo In-Ground Pool Pump
This offering from Pentair is the best pool pump for when budget is a concern. For the price, this pump provides features and reliability that its competitors can’t quite match. This starts with the ability to be hard-wired into 115v or 230v power.
A single-speed pump, it is built to move water more efficiently by utilizing a superior interior flow design. The result is a pump that is able to move more water with less effort. This reduces energy usage and therefore, your electricity bill. By allowing the motor to work more efficiently, wear and tear are reduced and life expectancy is increased. A final benefit is the reduced operating noise, resulting in a whisper-quiet pool pump that will never be a nuisance.
- The Pentair SuperFlo single-speed, 1-horsepower pump moves more water more efficiently for lower operating cost
- Quiet operation due to superior internal flow design that reduces hydraulic noise
- Features thick walled body parts, a heavy-duty 56 square flange motor, and highly engineered hydraulics
- Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings; see-through lid makes inspection fast and easy
- This pump has self-priming for quick, easy start-up; 1-year

5. Pool Pump by Blue Torrent, 1 HP Maxiforce In Ground
Replacing an old pool pump on an inground pool doesn’t have to be a huge investment. This model from Blue Torrent boasts a powerful 1-horsepower motor at a price that’s half the cost of other inground pool pumps. A self-priming function makes it easy to get the pump started while ensuring that it doesn’t run dry.
The skimmer basket has a clear lid, making it easy to monitor the amount of debris the pump collects. A simple twist-off cover allows for quick maintenance. Blue Torrent’s pump conveniently comes in 1.5-inch and 2-inch port sizes to suit a variety of systems. This pump uses a 115-volt power source and works with a DE pump, sand filter pump, or cartridge filter.
- Inlet and Outlet Ports Match Pumps of Similar Style. Features 2 Inch Threaded Plumbing Ports. Consumer-Friendly Installation
- 1 Horsepower for Efficient Filtration. Quiet Motor and Built to Last.
- Can Be Wired for 115V or 230V. Cooler-Running Than The Competition. POWER CORD NOT INCLUDED
- Manual On/Off Capabilities.


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