Best 5 Variable Speed Pool Pumps

If you are frustrated with high-energy costs from your inground or AG pools, then you’ve come to the right place.

A combination of your favorite pool floats, pool games, and endless splashing during the summer can be fun for family and friends. Nevertheless, each pool owner knows that that fun can be cut short when you get the high electricity bills. That's where a variable speed pump comes in!

Variable speed pumps, using a pressure sensor or through programmable settings, run at a speed appropriate to the water pressure, resulting in big savings in energy and reducing general wear and tear on the pool pump. Additionally, the tech used in variable speed pumps tends to make them more durable.

That leads to energy savings, unlike standard pool pumps that run at two speeds – on and off. This means that the pump runs at full tilt no matter how high or low the water pressure, which is an inefficient way to circulate water. Variable speed pool pumps are a great choice if you have been experiencing high electricity costs from your current pool pump.

Since there are a ton of pool pumpers out there, it can be confusing to figure out what’s right for your swimming pool. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed some of the best Variable Speed Pool Pumps.



1. Hayward SP2610X15 Pumper

For over 20 years now, this pumper has been the standard for many pool owners. As far as efficiency, the Hayward pumper provides a constant 3,450 revolutions every minute that can circulate a swimming pool quickly.

Because it is a centrifugal type of pumper with self-prioritizing functionality, it is capable of removing and blocking any form of air that tries to get into it through the suction pipe.


- The industry’s workhorse - recognized for reliability and performance

- Exclusive swing-away hand knobs makes for easier strainer cover removal: no tools required, no loose parts and no clamps

- See through strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning and eliminates guess work

- Features an oversized debris basket has extra leaf holding capacity for less frequent maintenance

- Easy installation and servicing with quick 4-bolt access to internal components


2. Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump

Quiet, powerful, and highly programmable, the Pentair IntelliFlo is one of our top picks for best variable speed pool pumps. The pump hums along at a sound level as low as 45-decibels, making it much quieter than your typical pool pump, and runs the motor according to the pressure needs of your pool.

A totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor (TEFC—something you will be seeing a lot of in this list of pumps) ensures that the pump does its thing in silence and protected from the elements. Add that to the energy savings, with Pentair estimates that can be as high as 90%, and you’ve got a powerhouse pump that is quiet and saves you heaps of money.


- Energy efficient.

- Lower energy costs.

- Lower speeds allow for longer lifespan.

- 8 custom speed functions with built in timer.


3. ExtremepowerUS 2 HP In-Ground Swimming Pool Pump Variable Speed

The ExtremepowerUS 2 HP pump delivers outstanding reliability and performance at a fraction of other big brands’ cost. It is a pump made of heavy-duty material and boasts advanced engineering to guarantee quiet operation and high efficiency. Moreover, the pump is designed and made to meet all ETL and CSA requirements, giving you peace of mind.


- Powerful Pool Pump heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation

- Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation

- An extra-large debris basket keeps pool maintenance to a minimum, letting you enjoy your pool more, while the clear cover lets you see exactly when the basket needs cleaning

2 inch union connections for both suction and discharge ports; 5280GPH Transfer Rate; 15A at 220V; Max Suction: 66'; Max Water Temperature: 104F

2pc-Union Fitting included; Intended for use with swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas


4. Hayward SP3400VSPVR Ecostar 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, Energy Star Certified

This EcoStar variable speed pump with integrated SVRS is the most efficient pump at any speed. It provides an added layer of protection with the greatest opportunity to save energy and money. Its super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design can save homeowners up to 90 percent on their energy costs. SVRS capability, no additional equipment, plumbing or wiring. Service mode allows servicers to clean pools quicker. Integrated controller is programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day. Multi-position interface can be repositioned so it's accessible from any direction or it also can be removed and mounted to the wall. 230-Volt single phase and pump range is 1000 to 3450 RPM. Title 20 compliant.


- Specifications: Union Connection – 2” x 2 ½” | Voltage – 230V Single Phase | Speed range – 1000 to 3450 RPM | Dimensions – 26.12 x 11.53 x 13.61

- Industry-leading hydraulic design; no-rib basket ensures easy debris removal

- Variable-speed pump with permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor

- Service mode allows servicers to clean pools quicker; multi-position digital control interface

- Integrated programmable controller with 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions


5. Hayward SP3400VSP Pumper : The Most Quiet Pool Pump

This version of Hayward’s pumper is pretty average. On the plus side, it is relatively less noisy when being used. It is also predesigned with a big-sized basket, which is capable of housing a significant amount of leaves and pool debris.

However some users report that this isn’t consistently durable.  You may be more likely to need a replacement after a few years of usage.


- Specifications: Union Connection – 2” x 2 ½” | Voltage – 230V Single Phase | Speed range – 600 to 3450 RPM

- ENERGY STAR Certified and compliant with industry regulations including Title 20 and APSP 15; eligible for local utility rebates

- Installed in any application: in stand-alone mode, with Hayward automation (including OmniLogic), or with competitive control systems (via relay control)

- Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor offers incredible efficiency and reliability. Fully programmable, touch pad control can be rotated to four different positions or mounted to the wall for more convenient access

- One of the industry’s most energy-efficient pool pumps at any speed. Exceptionally quiet compared to single speed pumps | No-rib, extra- large basket design ensures easy leaf and debris removal and extends time between cleanings


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