Best 6 Inground Pool Filters

Did you know that the efficiency of the swimming pool filter could be the thin line between the good health and illness of you and your family? A contaminated pool could bring sickness and disease to everyone using the pool.

Hence, pool filters are imperative pool equipment to remove contaminants and particles on a daily basis to keep your pool clean and crystal clear. In this guide, we’ll discuss in-ground pool filters which make a pool easier to maintain, and also help ensure a healthy swimming environment by removing potentially harmful pathogens.

The swimming pool filters consist of a suction pump that purifies the water and puts it back into circulation. Inside the filter pump, there are sand or cartridge filter system units that have different characteristics depending on the type of pool and its size. In addition to the essential hygiene issues, for which the pool water must be safe. It is also important to think about the aesthetic aspect.

With an inefficient filtration system, the water becomes cloudy in a short time and can change color from brown to green, even if we change it every day.

Therefore, installing the best pool filter for in-ground pools would definitely be very important aspect of using a pool.

With so many different types of in-ground pool filters available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming to say the least. But don’t stress; this pool filter buying guide covers the best 6 swimming pool filters for you:



1. Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter

This 24-inch-top sand filter is made for in-ground pools, with a weatherproof tank that’s constructed out of a durable, fade-free polymer material. The multiport valve on top has six positions, with an easy-turn lever, and there’s a diffuser on top that allows the water to be evenly distributed over the sand.

Other highlights include a self-cleaning drain, plus a slotted piece that spins 360-degrees to push an even flow of water into the pool, which means more efficient backwashing. There's also a large sand and water drain on the side for servicing and winterizing after the season.


- Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

- Durable corrosion proof materials for dependable all weather performance

- Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing

- Side-mount models are available with 6-position VariFlo or 2-position slide valve


2. Hayward StarClear Plus Cartridge Filter

If you have an in-ground pool and can invest in cartridge filter, this streamline option from Hayward is your best bet. The 120 square foot filter is made with glass-reinforced copolymer—and strong, durable plastic—and it has a large cartridge for greater durability and water flow.

The filter is also injection-molded, which adds overall strength and prevents corrosion. It’s a snap to clean, with a single knob connecting the filter head to the tank, which eliminates the need for clamps or bolts, plus the head rotates so the cartridge, manual air-relief valve, and gauge are within easy reach.


- ROBUST DESIGN: The Hayward StarClear Plus 120 sq. ft. pool filter features an extra-large single-element cartridge for additional durability and maximum water flow

- EASIER TO CLEAN: Single-knob design securely fastens filter head to tank without clamps or bolts

- WON'T CORRODE: Single-piece injection molding for base and body provides added strength for reliable, corrosion-free performance

- EASY TO USE: Filter head rotates for easy access to the cartridge, gauge and manual air relief valve

- VERSATILE INSTALLATION: FIP (1½" and 2") and SKT (2") connections offer plumbing versatility


3. Hayward ProGrid Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter

This outstanding, high-capacity in-ground pool filter delivers top-notch water quality and clarity. It’s additionally exceptionally efficient, with up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing, plus there’s a manual air-relief valve that quickly bleeds air with the turn of a lever. Its large tank is made with glass-reinforced copolymer—and extra strong, durable plastic—which is built to last and ward off corrosion.

The filter won’t be tough to service and maintain, either, thanks to easy-access clamps. The model shown has a 36-square-foot filtration area, but it’s also available in two larger sizes: 48 and 60 square feet, respectively.


- Vertical grid filter for in-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes

- Inlet diffuser elbow distributes flow of unfiltered water evenly to all filter elements and provides even distribution of D.E. to grids

- Plumbing options allow for customized control; heavy-duty, tamper-proof, 1-piece flange clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom. Allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections, valve not included

- 2-inch full-flow internal piping and plumbing for less resistance to flow and maximum performance

- 48 -foot filter allows for both commercial and large residential applications and years of non- corrosive, trouble-free performance


4. Hayward EC75A Perflex Inground Pool Filter

The name of Hayward with an 80 year indelible reputation is synonymous for innovative research, impeccable design and high quality manufacturing of superlative swimming pool equipment. This best pool filter for inground pools is just one of the many products that they have introduced to the pool industry. It is an efficient combination of an intricately designed pump and filter compatible with inground pools of all sizes, shapes and types. The ability to automatically expel any air that is present in the system is achieved by its innovative self-venting design engineering. It also incorporates an 80 GPM (Gallons per Minute) public design flow rate ensuring optimum efficiency in operation.

A fresh filtering surface is effectively formed when the dirt mixture and the filter powder are reused with the aid of the patented Flex-Tube filter elements which have been proven in operation. This ensures the water in the pool with the use of the inground pool filter is always ready and inviting for you. Removal of the filter for cleaning is easily facilitated with the opening of the convenient threaded inspection and service port. The pressure gauge is easy to read and forms an integral part of this unit. The corrosion free tank is heavy duty and high strength glass-reinforced thermoplastic which has been injection molded chemically for long term dependable performance.


- An efficient pump for in-ground pools of all types and sizes

- Self-venting design automatically expels any air that may be present in the system. Public design flow rate: 80 GPM

- Proven, patented Flex-Tube filter elements efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture, forming a fresh filtering surface

- Combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port is easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning

- Heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of high-strength glass-filled chemically-coupled thermoplastic for dependable, corrosion-free performance


5. Hayward S200 Series High-Rate Sand Filter for Inground Pool

The Hayward S200 Series High-Rate Sand Filter for Inground Pool is bestowed with a Vari-Flo control valve, which could be easily positioned to six different settings for easy operation. The free flowing 2-inch internal piping is design engineered to ensure optimum performance in operation. This Hayward pool filter is good enough not only for swimming pools but is ideal for other water displays such as fountains, fishponds and for landscaping initiatives. This best inground pool filter is a high performer and could be used for pools of any types and sizes whether it is either commercial or residential. The filter tank is manufactured from the toughest of materials to ensure it could stand the vagaries of Nature and still perform at the highest levels of efficiency. Back washing is made simpler and infrequent with the operation clearly visible when completed from the built in integrated sight glass.

The filter tank, which encompasses the internal components, is injection molded out of a single block of high grade and durable ABS corrosion free heavy duty materials. Winterizing or servicing is enhanced by the optimum pressure of the sand/water drain built into the system. The sand media bed promotes the even distribution of water to ensure optimum filtration is achieved and leave a clear, clean and healthy pool. This pool filter for inground pools is easy to operate and also would last long to bring optimum levels of filtration without much of a hassle. This is one of the best sand filtration systems with multiport valve performing at optimum levels of efficiency. This pool filter is recommended for pools up to a maximum capacity of 21,000 gallons of water.


- SUPERIOR FILTRATION: The Hayward S200 pool filter provides unmatched filtration capabilities

- EASY OPERATION: 6-position Hayward VariFlo control valve with easy-to-use lever-action handle lets you quickly dial in the right valve/filter function

- ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Corrosion-proof, heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of tough, durable ABS for dependable performance in any weather

- EASY ACCESS: Durable 6-inch threaded inspection cover provides convenient access to top of filter



The J-DEQ80 D.E. Pool Filter features four easily accessible and removable cartridges that greatly increase the cleaning capacity of this filter giving you better performance and superior water quality. By maximizing the filtration area, there will be longer periods between cleanings. If this D.E. Filter is used properly, it can reduce water use and energy costs using a lower pump pressure. For a D.E. Pool Filter that gives you cleaner and clearer pool water with the same easy-cleaning benefits as a cartridge filter, the J-DEQ80 is the perfect choice.


- Creates lower pump pressure and uses less water to clean. Ensures optimal performance in all weather conditions.

- No Backwashing - Simply take out and rinse the four cartridges with your hose.

- One year manufacturer warranty


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