Top 5 Best Filbur Hot Tub Filters

Filbur hot tub filters are brand name, high performance replacement spa filter cartridges that use the strongest reinforced PVC center cores and high-quality polyester filter media for reliable and efficient filtration.
Antimicrobial end-caps are treated to repel odor-causing bacteria and mold while resisting deterioration from spa chemicals. Wide support bands also make this one of the most durable filters on the market.
We’ve picked up some of the best 5 Filbur Hot Tub Filters:

1. Filbur PC-2715 Spa Filter 6CH-961 60 SF Removable Handle

Filbur PC-2715 Spa Filter 6CH-961 60 SF Removable Handle
The dimensions of this 60 sq.ft. spa filter are:
- Diameter: 6-5/8"
- Length: 15-1/2"
- Top: Removable Handle/ Cap
- Bottom: 2" SAE Threads
This one is compatible with 645544027153 , 6540-383 , 6CH-961 , AK-90195 , FC-2715 , PJW60TL-2A-OT , PJW60TL-OT-2A , PJW60TL-OT-F2S , PJW60TL-TO , PLE-051-9485 and used in Jacuzzi® Premium, Sundance Spas and J300 Series spas.
Replaces 17-175-1404 , 645544027153 , 6540-383 , 6541-383 , 6CH-961 , AK-90195 , FC-2715 , FC-2715M , P6CH-961 , PJW60TL-2A-OT, PJW60TL-OT-2A , PJW60TL-OT-F2S , PJW60TL-TO , PLE-051-9485 , UNI-051-0961

2. Filbur FC-0169 10sqft Filter 2 Inch SAE

Filbur FC-0169 10sqft Filter 2 Inch SAE connection on bottom. 4-15/16", 4-1/8"L, 3oz media.
The dimensions of this 35 sq.ft. spa filter are:

Diameter: 4-15/16"
Length: 4-1/8"
Bottom: Female SAE threaded
Filter used in Arctic spas and by other hot tub manufacturers.

3. PC-2395 Filter Cartridge 75sqft 2-1/8"ot 2-1/8"ob 4-15/16" 20-1/8"

Point Bonded is a uniformly bonded media. Reduced pore size distribution offers quick cleaning and superior dirt holding capacity with lower pressure and higher flow. This filter cartridge is available in an Antimicrobial version, which is an exact replacement.

4. Filbur Filter FC-0168 SAE Threads 5 Inch Diameter

This is a Filbur FC-0168 spa filter cartridge with 5 inch diameter measurement. This is the original Filbur brand filter, not an OEM copy.
Actual measurements:
- Diameter 4-15/16"
- Length 13 1/2"
- Bottom: SAE Threads 2"
- Top: Handle
- Replaces 4CH-926
25 sqft filter works in both 25sqft and 50sqft spa filter assembly applications. 25 sqft filters tend to provide better water flow.
Reemay™ is Spunbound Polyester made with a continuous filament construction to minimize fiber migration that adds strength and there are no binders to limit filtering area. It is offered in a 4 ounce media.

5. Filbur FC-0688 Predator Clean and Clear 200 Filter C-9419 PAP200-4

Filbur FC-0688 200 sq.ft. pool filter is compatible with C-9419 PAP200-4 filter models. This Predator Clean and Clear 200b filter by Filbur is made with strong, reinforced cores, antimicrobial end caps and high quality polyester filter media to ensure durability, cleanability and high efficient filter performance.
The dimensions of this 200 sq.ft. spa filter are:
- Diameter: 10-1/16"
- Length: 31-1/8"
- Top: 6"
- Bottom: 6"
This pool and spa filter cartridge replaces 29902ECO , 46065 , 59054400 , 645544006882 , C-9419 , FC-0688 , PAP200 , PAP200-4 , PLE-051-9206 , PLE-051-9319 , R173217 and is used in American Products/Pentair -Clean & Clear 200, Predator 200 filter systems using this 200 sq.ft. filter. Replaces AK-8005.

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