Top 7 Best Artesian Spa Pillows

When you're trying to relax in the bath, nothing's worse than not being able to get comfortable. Resting your head on the edge of the tub can feel awkward and start to hurt after a while. It can force your neck and back into painful positions. That's why a bath pillow can make all the difference in the world. You won't have to stay in the bath for a few minutes only to get frustrated at your inability to fully relax. Instead, you can take your time and leave feeling refreshed and at peace.

Need help finding the right pillow? We can advise you a wide variety of original spa pillows for Artesian Platinum Elite, Island Spas, South Sea Spas and Garden Spas.  Relax in comfort with your brand new replacement spa pillow cushion. See some of the best 7 Artesian Spa Pillows below.


1. Artesian Waterfall Pillow 26-1308-85 Charcoal

Artesian Waterfall Pillow 26-1308-85 Charcoal

8 inch waterfall pillow.  Bimini spa pillow.

May say 1950 on back of pillow (ie 1950.1, 1950.2, 1950.3..)

Also available in standard gray- 26-0315-85


2. Artesian Lounge Pillow 26-1307-85 Charcoal

Artesian Spa charcoal lounge pillow 26-1307-85 is sometimes used along with these charcoal or darker gray pillows:

26-1304-85 – Neck Pillow

26-0602-85 – Rounded Lounge

This lounger pillow has 2 pins in back and the following measurements: nice, factory original charcoal color 13x6 pillow.

There are 2 pins on back that fit into the pin receptacles in the spa shell.


3. Artesian Spa Scallop Wrap Pillow 26-0022-85

Artesian Spa Scallop wrap pillow OP26-0022-85.

Factory original specialty wrap pillow in this unique design. Premium, deluxe wrap pillow in the scalloped style. Original Artesian Spa pillow.

The back of the pillow is shaped and has 3 mounting pins in back.

Free shipping in the continental USA.


4. Artesian Island Waterfall Pillow 26-0085-85

This is a darker gray waterfall pillows used in Artesian Island spas. This pillow measures under 12 inches wide and 5 inches high.  26-0085-85 or OP26-0085-85 pillow has 4 pins on back.

2010 Island and South Sea spas.

The back of this waterfall pillow has 4 pins that fit into the 4 receptacles in the Artesian Spa shell.

The front view measures just under 12 inches across. Color is considered dark gray as we also offer the light gray waterfall pillows.

11-3/4" at widest x 5" at tallest.

4 retaining post on rear with two pegs 8-1/2” apart, 2 pegs 9” apart..

You may also need the 0093 neck cushion and 0094 lounge dark gray pillows that go with this cushion in certain model Artesian spas.

Other matching pillows include:

OP26-0080-85 = Lounge

OP26-0075-85 = Neck

OP26-0090-85 = Wrap


5. Artesian Spas Pillow Wrap Gray OP26-0201-85

Factory original Artesian Spa wrap pillow.  This is the new style wrap pillow for Platinum series Artesian Spas. Includes original Artesian Spa logo dome!

This pillow plate fits in the center of select spa pillows.

Comes with center logo dome included and has 2 pins in back.  90 degree wrap pillow - long.


6. Artesian Spas Island Large Neck Pillow No Logo OP26-0300-85NL

Island Series Artesian Spa neck pillow cushion for select Island and Tropic Seas models from 2005-2015.

11-1/2" x 4-1/4" One peg centered on rear

This one does not have the logo as the new ones no longer have it.  OP26-0300-85NL replaces 26-0300-85.

This pillow model 26-0300-85NL is a neck pillow used in Island spas.


7. Artesian Spas Pillow Wrap Gray OP26-0200-85 Gold 26-0200-85

Factory original Artesian Spa wrap pillow 26-0200-85 for the Gold and select model Platinum with a smooth surface and space for a center logo dome that fits in the middle. The logo dome is not included but is available as part number 11-0211-77.

Original long wrap pillow with center logo dome for Artesian Spas.  Has 2 pins on back.

This pillow fits select Gold Class and Platinum Class models including Emerald.

Includes logo dome that fits in center opening.

The back of this pillow has 2 pins.

Shipped with 2 pin protectors which are to be removed prior to mounting.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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