Cal Spa Pillows and Headrests – 12 Best

Today, we’ll talk about the Cal Spa Pillows. These replacement headrests are genuine OEM Cal Spa hot tub parts that are designed to fit their specific spa models. The range includes the Lounge, Cascade, Neck Blaster and the Quad Blaster which are designed to be durable, water-resistant, easy to fit.

We recommend taking your pillows out of the water when not in use. This is to prolong the life of them by avoiding chemical damage caused over long periods of time.

There is a full assortment of colors, shapes, sizes and styles including neck blaster, lounge and straight pillows. See below for detailed pillow listings.


1. Cal Spas Pillow Quad Blaster Gray ACC01400930

Cal Spas Pillow Quad Blaster Gray ACC01400930

This Cal Spas headrest measures 10"” x 6" inches and has two pins on back that are about 6.5" apart (on center).

This pillow model 1793 was used in 2008 model year spas and is light gray in color.


2. Hour Glass Pillow Gray Q5104G FIC-0047-GRY

Genesis Hour glass shaped gray pillow.

Includes the 2 mounting pins.

Pillow is about 7 1/2 inches wide and is soft and comfortable for lounging in your spa.

2 pins fit into slots in back of pillow (included)

This pillow is gray.  Includes the 2 pillow fasteners/pins.

We also offer this pillow in black - see Q5104B.

7 5/8" x 4 5/8"  with 2 mounting slots in back and includes 2 fasteners.

lead time on this pillow can be 7-10 days.


3. Cal Spas 16 Inch Pillow 1480 Neck Blaster ACC01400874 2005-2007 Light Gray

Cal Spas 16 Inch Pillow Neck Blaster ACC01400874 2005-2007 Light Gray has 2 pins that are about 8 3/4 inches apart.

Number on back of pillow is 1480.

This light gray version of the pillow replaces the discontinued ACC01400877 which was the charcoal version.


4. Cal Spas F-O-Y Pillow ACC01401101 Costco OC Spas

Cal Spas F-O-Y Pillow ACC01401101

Cal Spa F-O-Y recessed pillow in graphite.

6-1/2 x 10-3/4" overall with one mounting pin.


5. Cal Spas Contour Pillow ACC01401500 American Coleman

ACC01401500 is an American Spa /Cal Spa/Coleman Spa contour pillow.  No longer has Coleman logo.

Cal Spa / Coleman Spa / American Spa Contour Lounge Pillow, 2010 and newer - Two Pin Mounting. The logo Has Been Removed From The Pillow. Replaces ACC01401500.

7 1/2 inches wide - 3 inches between pins.

7" x 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"

ACC01401500 replaces ACC01401500, AC01401500,ACC01401500NL


6. Cal Spa Quad Blaster Pillow 2003 ACC01400883

Cal Spa Quad Blaster Neck Pillow ACC01400883 with Massage Points in gray.

Used In 2003. Pins Measure 6 1/2 Inches (Center Of Pins).

10-inch wide pillow with 2 pins about 6 1/2 inches apart.


7. Cal Spa Neck Jet Blaster Pillow 1380 ACC01400872

Cal Spa Neck Jet Blaster Pillow # 1380 part ACC01400872 or CALACC01400872 in Silver-Gray This Pillow from model years 2003 has a smooth face.

Pillow Measures 16 Inches Across, 5 1/2 Inches high.

Mounting Pins Measure 8 3/4 Inches Apart (Center to Center Of Pins).


8. Cal Spa Neck Pillow Infinity 2006 ACC01400888

Cal Spa Neck Pillow, Infinity 2006. Pillow Measures 7 5/8 Inches x 3 5/8 Inches.

Pillow measures just under 7 1/2 inches wide and has 2 pins in back that are 5 inches apart pin to pin.

ACC01400888 replaces the discontinued ACC01400886

ACC01400886, ACC01400888,CALACC01400886, CALACC01400888


9. Cal Spa Neck Blaster Pillow 2010 ACC01401010

Cal Spa Neck Blaster Pillow, Charcoal Gray.

This Pillow Is Being Used In Newer Cal Spas, 2010+, - Replaces Part Number: ACC01400920.

Measures 16 1/4 Inches Across, 6 1/2 Inches Overall Height, and 9 1/8 from Center Of Pin To Center Of Pin.

You can check the small number on back of the existing pillow to check if this is the right cushion.

Note that spa pillows are not warranted by Cal Spas.


10. Cal Spa Bel Air 762 Grey Pillow ACC01400590

Cal Spa Bel Air, Neck Blaster Pillow # 762, Grey. Used From 1995 To 1998. Pillow Measures 17 Inches X 8 Inches. Pre-Drilled Holes Measure 6 1/2 Inches Apart. Note: We Do Not Have Information On Cal Spa Models And Dates To Verify If The Pillows You Select Are Correct For Your Spa. The Best Verification Is The Small, 3 Or 4 Digit Number On The Back. These are authentic Cal Spa replacement pillows! Cal Spa and therefore, Hot Tub Outpost does not warranty these replacement pillows in any way.


11. Cal Spas Cascade 2008 Pillow ACC01401030 without Insert

Original Cal Spas pillow model ACC01401030 without pillow insert (CALLIT16000600 insert sold separately if needed).

This pillow model is discontinued with the new replacement being ACC01401031.

This is also a replacement option for ACC01400910 but there is a color and material difference, although size is the same.


12. Cal Spa Infinity Ribbed Mini Lounge Pillow 40105 ACC01401051

Cal Spa Black Infinity Ribbed Mini Lounge Head Rest. Used on Fitness 1222, Zone, Escape And OC Series Spas.

Width is 7 5/8 inches

Height is just under 4 inches

Pin spacing on the back of pillow from center of pin to center of pin is 4 3/4 inches.

2 pins on back.

This item has been discontinued by Cal Spas so if you order this sku, you will receive the new model replacement: CALACC01401061.


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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