Top Best InSPAration Fragrance products (Part 1)

If you want to enhance your hot tub experience further and increase relaxation- aromatherapy is an ideal solution for you!
Aromatherapy products by inSPAration are specifically formulated for hot tubs, baths, and jetted tubs. The products contain no alcohol and are water-soluble. inSPAration's custom blended fragrances won't affect water chemistry and have moisturizing power for the ultimate spa & bath experience.
The Insparation spa fragrances are designed to add delightful scents to the water with added moisturizers for your skin. They won't clog your jets or disturb your water's pH balance.
Here are the top 5 best inSPAration Fragrance products:

1. Spa Fragrance Candy Cane 9 oz Christmas Holiday
Spa Fragrances - Candy Cane (9 oz). Ahh - the sweet smell of the holidays is a treat all year round. This delicious fragrance can be added directly to your spa water before you bathe. Specially formulated for hot tubs and jetted tubs, these InSPAration fragrances won't foam up, disturb water pH balance or clog your jets. They contain oil-free moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.
- Need something special for the Holidays?
- Holiday Fragrances for a limited time only.
- Specially blended fragrances to usher in the holiday season.
- Capture the essence of Sugar Cookie, Holiday Spice and Candy Cane in our exciting Holiday blends.
- Don't miss out on these special 9 oz bottles

2. Coconut Lime Verbena 9 oz InSpaRation Spa Fragrance
Put the lime in the coconut and soak it all up! This Lime Coconut Spa Fragrance will make you feel like you are in the Tropics! This 9 ounce liquid spa fragrance will complete your hot tub enjoyment, leaving you with silky soft, lightly scented skin. InSpaRation hot tub scents are oil and foam free and formulated specifically for use in hot tubs so they won't affect water balance or damage plumbing/equipment.
Simply add this fragrance right to the hot tub water before you bathe to enhance your spa experience. This product can also be used in bath tubs.
- Safe for all acrylics; jets; pumps and filters
- Masks chemical odors; will not affect ph; does not foam or bubble
- Water soluble; contains no oils and leaves no oily residue
- Does not change water chemistry
- Rx formula containing natural aloe vera extract and vitamins e and c for a therapeutic body experience

3. Spa Fragrances Jasmine 9 oz InSpaRation Hot Tub
Spa Fragrances - Jasmine (liquid 9 oz.) by InSpaRation enhances your hot tub experience by introducing aromatherapy.
Soak away your troubles by stimulating the olfactory senses. Your skin will absorb the new formulation of vitamins, minerals and natrual extracts now in every bottle of InSpaRation. Just add a few capfulls to your spa or hot tub for the ultimate in hot water relaxation.
- Safe for all Acrylics; Jets; Pumps and Filters
- Masks Chemical Odors; Will not affect PH; Does not Foam or Bubble
- Water Soluble; Contains No Oils and leaves no Oily Residue
- Does not Change Water Chemistry
- RX Formula Containing Natural Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamins E and C for a Therapeutic Body Experience

4. Spa Fragrances - Tranquility (9 oz)
The Tranquility aromatherapy spa scent by Insparation is one of our most popular fragrances. InSpaRation spa fragrances are made in the USA from high quality, water soluble, non-toxic materials.
This 9 oz. bottle of liquid spa fragrance is oil free, foam free and pH neutral - perfect for use in your spa, jetted tub or bathtub. Simply add a capful or 2 of liquid aromatherapy fragrance per 500 gallons of water.
- Insparation tranquility
- Enhance your spa experience is with a wonderful scent
- Specifically designed for hot tub use
- Won't affect the water chemistry in the spa

5. Hawaiian Sunset Spa Fragrance Insparation 9 oz Bottle
Spa Fragrance - Hawaiian Sunset by Insparation (9 oz). This liquid spa fragrance is oil free, foam free and pH neutral - perfect for use in your hot tub or jetted tub. Create that instant aromatherapy experience with one of our most popular spa fragrances called Hawaiian Sunset.
New snazzy bottle of the traditional Hawaiian Sunset liquid fragrance in this 9-ounce plastic bottle.
- Hawaiian sunset spa and bath fragrance
- Use to keep away chemical odors
- Contains scents of tropical fruits and herbs
- A unique formula allowing you to add it directly to the water without causing foam build up
- Comes in 9-ounce bottle

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