Top 12 Questions About Hot Tub Filters
Spa Filters is a topic that constantly generates a lot of questions. This article aims to answer some of these often complex questions. If there is an answer to a particular spa filter question, please submit it below. We'll try to find the answer to it as soon as possible.

1. What is a Spa Filter?

A spa filter is a device that removes particles from the water that enter a hot tub. The filter's design forces the water to pass through a micro-fiber fabric, which traps dirt and other particles. The hot tub air filter is like a car air filter. It works by removing dirt and debris from the air and allowing the jets to circulate.


2. What Alternatives Exist to Spa Filter Cartridges?

For aboveground swimming and spa setups, the cartridge filter is the preferred choice. It's a small filter that's ideal for minimizing surface area. Cartridge filters are an easy and effective way to filter out chlorine and other harmful substances from the pool. They are also an easy and quick filter to maintain.


3. What Makes Some Spa Filters Better Than Others?

A spa filter cartridge has many features that are designed to provide added strength and longevity. Some of these include the cartridge's thickness, internal core strength, and overall structural rigidity.

A few popular spa filter variants are also available with larger pleats, for a better filter surface area. These are usually priced at around $50 each.


4. When Do Spa Filters Need Cleaning?

As the filter cartridges are loaded with dirt, the water flow rate drops, and the quality of the water begins to suffer. It is important that the cartridge is cleaned at least once a week.

For spas that are used more than once a week, you can set the rate according to how often they are used. However, if you regularly clean your filter, it can lead to premature failure.

When a cartridge is cleaned, the fibers separate, creating openings for small particles to pass through. It is also possible that the flow rate is being decreased due to various factors.


5. When should Spa Filters be Replaced?

Your rule of thumb is to replace the spa filter after 12-15 months. If you use your spa several times a week, we would suggest closer to the 12 month time frame.

If you use the spa once or twice per week, then you may be able to go longer than the 15-month time frame mentioned.

The fibers in a spa filter separate a little more than they did when they were first created, and this causes the filter to lose its effectiveness. You should replace your spa filter after about 12-15 cleanings.


6. Where is a Hot Tub Filter Located?

The filter cartridge is located under the basket or on the topside of the spa. In most cases, it can be accessed from the top of the spa or a plastic cylinder that has a locking ring.

For top-load spas, simply remove the filter lid and pull the cartridge straight into the chamber. For bottom-load spas, follow the same procedure.


7. Where to Buy Hot Tub Filters?

If you need a spa filter now, or have a spa that's in short supply, you can always call a few local spa dealers and ask for the cartridge number printed on the cap of your cartridge.


8. How to Clean Spa Filters with an Acid?

The best way to clean a spa filter is to avoid aggressive acid washing. This procedure can damage the filter and cause it to malfunction.

You can tell if bubbles are forming by pouring an acid solution onto a test surface. This method will determine if the solution has mineral deposits.

To clean spa filters, add 1/2 cup of Spa pH Down to 3 gallons of Water.


9. How to Clean Spa Filters with TSP?

Trisodium Phosphate, also known as TSP, is a commonly used degreaser that works well on removing oils from hot tub filter cartridges. It is also commonly mixed with hot water.

After soaking for a few hours, remove the filter and allow to dry completely. Then, remove the top layer of the filter and allow to completely dry.


10. How Long should the Spa Filter Run Each Day?

The number of hours that a spa filter should operate depends on several factors. Some of these include the size of the filter, the amount of water that's being used, and how well the water is balanced.

Most spas operate on low speed for 12 to 22 hours per day, and high speed for up to 2 hours per day. High filter levels are recommended for most spas and hot tubs to remove debris and keep the water clear.

For spas that use very little water, or have high volume filters, less than 30 hours per day may be needed to maintain optimal water quality.


11. How to Clean Spa Filters with Spa Filter Cleaner?

Spa filter cleaner is a one-step chemical that descales and degreases the hot tub filter. It can also be used as a mild acid bath cleaner.

For a quick and easy cleaning, use the spray on cleaner. When you need to deep clean your filter cartridges, use the soaking spa filter cleaner.


12. Can I Run the Spa Pump Without a Spa Filter ?

You can also check the heater's temperature to see if the filter is causing it to not turn on. Or, if it's just a matter of time before the cartridge gets split in half, then run the pump with the filter disconnected.

The water in a spa will not be filtered, so it's best to avoid using one without a cartridge in place. If you can't filter the water, at least try to circulate it.


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