How to Store Hot Tub Chemicals?

Do you often feel like you're constantly cluttered and disorganized? The Container Store is a great place to organize all of your storage needs. There are so many ways to get organized and have fun!

Today, we are going to share some ideas for organizing your Spa chemicals in an orderly and visible manner. These chemicals should also be kept cool and dry to prevent them from getting damaged.

1. Deck Bench Hidden Storage

This custom- made bench has a flip-up lid that allows the user to turn it into a large area for cleaning equipment and chemicals.
The issue with this design is that it's outside and subject to temperature extremes and humidity. This design can cause some spa chemicals to become unstable and reduce their potency.

2. Rubbermaid Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet is ideal for keeping your garage or shed off the ground. It can also be mounted on the wall. It has a locking latch. This cabinet can be mounted anywhere, and it's designed to work in a climate controlled environment, which is ideal for storing chemicals.

3. Over the Door Organizer

These are used for shoes or cleaning products. They can also be used in various other uses, such as closet storage units, laundry rooms, and spa storage closets.
This idea works well for storing regular size bottles and test strips for cleaning products. It can also be used to keep separate and snug the products.

4. Sterilite Storage Bin

A portable storage box is a great way to keep your spa chemicals dry and high. It allows you to store them inside and out, allowing you to move them when needed.
This method works well if you use a lot of sanitizers, but it can also cause an accidental chemical spill. Also, it's a safer method to use smaller boxes to separate the chemicals.


Spa Chemical Safe Storage Tips:

- Keep spa chemicals cool, 50-75 degrees F
- Keep spa chemicals dry, safe from flooding and humidity
- Store sanitizers separately from each other, and away from other chemicals
- Twist lock the lid tightly on all chemicals after use
- Rinse measurement containers before and after use
- Keep chemicals safely out of reach of children
- Never store chemicals loose on a shelf
- Never use a shelf that may collapse in an earthquake

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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