How to Fix Hot Tub Leak?

Hot tub leaks are one of the most common issues that spa owners encounter. They can usually be prevented by changing the type of hot tub they use, as well as their overall maintenance.

If the issue is due to a mechanical failure, the best solution is to replace the parts that are faulty. However, in most cases, this will not fix the leak and will most likely cause more issues.

This product is great for leaking joints in a spa, but it doesn't work on wooden hot tubs. It's also a great product for removing stains from kitchen counters and floors, but it does not work on mattresses.

Leak Seal will also help prevent the spread of pinhole leaks in pipes and filter housings. However, it's not a miracle worker and you should replace the offending component.

A leak seal is made from Sodium Silicate, which behaves like blood in its ability to clot together. It takes a long time for the silicate to accumulate in the form of bonds.

Leisure Time Leak Seal Instructions

- Fill Spa to normal water levels.

- Remove the spa cartridge filter(s).

- Open all valves and all spa jets.

- Shut off spa heater, blower and ozonator.

- Pour 1/2 bottle (16 oz) into spa skimmer or near drain.

- Run jets on high for 4 hours to circulate (slowly add water if needed)

- Switch pump to low speed for 20 hours.


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After 24 hours, check to see if the water loss has stopped. Then, look for three things: the leak has completely stopped, partially or not at all. If it has slowed down, but not stopped completely, then a second treatment is recommended.

Before you can properly repair your leaking spa, you should thoroughly clean and drain the tub. This will remove the remaining silicate from the water and leave the surface clean.

When the heater is off, the spa will only operate for a day. The silicate patch will harden over time, and it will cure in 48 to 72 hours.

The Leak Seal is a product that can be used for small leaks and drips. It can also form a permanent repair for most spa leaks.


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