How to Drain your Spa or Hot Tub Properly?

Draining or emptying your hot tub or spa is necessary once a couple of months to reduce the dissolved solids in the water and to prevent the spread of bad bacteria.

This procedure is also sometimes recommended for minimizing shock treatment and improving the longevity of spa seals. It can also be used with fewer harsh chemicals.

Aside from having the proper permits, there are also some considerations when it comes to draining a hot tub. These include the area's water restrictions and the chemistry of the water.


When to Drain A Spa or Hot Tub

Water quality can be maintained at high-use spas by draining them every few days. For private hot tubs or spas, changing the frequency of spa sessions can extend the duration of their water supply by up to 4 months.

Some spa owners will drain their water for various reasons, such as a heavy use weekend or for lack of proper sanitation. Others will drain for a long time due to their spa's continuous use.


How to Drain A Spa or Hot Tub

Before draining your spa, or at least twice a year, use a chemical called Spa Purge to remove the biofilm and other hidden gunk. It's a great way to get rid of the brown bio-gunk that builds up on the surface.

After draining the spa, you are ready to connect the hose to the external spigot.

Shut off the Power. Then, turn off the timer to prevent the pumps from draining. Draining with a hose typically takes around 3 hours, and moving the hose to a new location is the easiest way to get rid of the algae and other debris from the spa.

Spa Siphon. If you have a spa drain spigot and a utility pump, but no other supplies, you can siphon by using a hose attachment to the bottom of the spa.

When the water comes out of the hose, push it into the water and coil it underwater. Once the hose is full, cap it with your thumb and pull it to an elevation that's lower than the spa floor.


Spa Water Use and Hot Tub Discharge Restrictions

Severe drought is a real reality for many areas in the US. Cities can impose mandatory water restrictions that can affect draining and refilling of their hot tub.

Most towns and cities have regulations regarding how to handle various types of aquatic activities, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.

- Water should have a balanced pH level

- Sanitizer level should be very low

- Don't pump to the Sewer, but "Infiltrate" around the yard

- Don't pump near any streams or tributaries

- Leaving your Spa Drained for an Extended Period


Wood hot tubs will dry out naturally without water. It is not recommended to leave them for a long time to avoid damaging their wood finish.

As the spa is almost drained, turn on the blower to clear the lines. Using a powerful vac/wet/dry vac, blow air through the pipes, draining the water from the equipment and the spa. A small air compressor is also used to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Drain the equipment and leave the drains open. Clean the spa filter and towel to remove any impurities.


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