How to Keep a Hot Tub Clean While You’re Away?

Aside from being cleaned on a daily basis, a hot tub also requires regular maintenance to keep it sanitary. When you’re away from home, here are some simple steps to keep the water clean while you’re away.


Since there are certain procedures that will work for both indoor and outdoor hot tubs, it's important to follow these guidelines when planning your trip.

- Test and balance the water. Test the alkalinity and calcium hardness of your spa water, and balance it accordingly.

- One of the most important steps to take before going on a vacation is to clean or replace the filter cartridge of your water filter. It will keep the water cleaner when you return.

- Make sure that the water has enough sanitizer to get through your vacation. Also, make sure that the pump is running smoothly and that the water is well circulated.

- When you're away, make sure to secure the spa by locking the cover or the entrance. This will prevent anyone from entering the facility and causing a bad experience.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s look out how this maintenance plan will change depending on a number of different factors.


Planning According to Duration

Short Vacation

If you only have a few days left in town, these simple steps will help you enjoy your trip while your hot tub is in good condition. When you return, it will be in the same condition as when you left it in.

Long Vacation

Depending on how long you'll be away, it can be a week, a month, or more preparing for vacations that last for 1-2 weeks is extremely important.

If possible, invite a friend or neighbor to monitor the water quality to make it easier to keep it clean while you’re not there.

Having sanitizer in the hot tub is also an incentive to use it. Also, by reducing the temperature, you can save a bit of money on your heating bills.

If you’re planning on going on a trip, then you should consider draining and cleaning your spa before you leave. This will help minimize the buildup of biofilm and other hidden gunk.

To get rid of the water, use a low pressure air compressor to remove the lines from the tub. This will prevent the buildup of ice and bacteria.

Once the tub is fully drained, remove any debris from the surface and thoroughly dry it with a soft towel or sponge. Put the spa cover back on and allow the water to drain away.


Planning According to Weather

Warm Weather

If the weather is warm enough, you’ll want to keep an eye on algae growth. It’s possible to prevent this by keeping the sanitizer levels up and treating the algaecide that will be needed.


Cold Weather

Ideally, the hot tub and its components should be heated to a minimum temperature to prevent them from freezing. However, if the temperature drops below 10 degrees, it's fine to lower the water temperature.


Planning According to Sanitizer Type

Bromine or Chlorine Sanitizer

Bromine is a commonly used chemical for treating hot tubs and spas. It’s easy to manage while you’m away. Just add a few bromine tablets to a floating bromine tank and turn the output setting to low.

Remember to never put 1” tri-chlor tabs into a spa floater! It’s not safe to use any chlorine tablets in these areas.

If you rely on chlorine for water purification, you may need to call a neighbor or friend to help clean the water before going home. On the otherhand, if you have a hot tub, you might want to supplement the chlorine with a chemical-free ozone system or a mineral sanitizer.


Salt Chlorine Generator

If you have a salt water hot tub, make sure that the levels are sufficient to generate chlorine. Also, make sure that the spa is closed when not in use.

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Mineral Sanitizer

Mineral sanitizers are useful because they can augment the effectiveness of most standard pool and spa sanitizers. They can also be used as floating bottles or placed directly into the filter.

Aside from the usual pre-vacation maintenance, you also need to make sure that the mineral cartridges are good to go!

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An ozone generator is similar to a salt chlorinator, just it doesn't require much effort to operate. Just make sure the water is properly balanced and cleaned before you go.

Having the proper maintenance and planning will keep your hot tub running smoothly and ready to use when you return.



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