The Best COLEMAN 22 X 52 Pool

Coleman 22′ x 52″ Power Steel Swim Vista II Swimming Pool Set

With the rise of above ground pools, families now have the opportunity to enjoy more water fun and relaxation at home. This type of pool is a great way to spend some time in the water without having to go far.

In today's review, we will talk about the features and functions of the Power Steel Swim Vista II Pool Set. This type of pool can be used in your backyard.

The Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista II Pool Set features an above ground design that can accommodate the whole family. Its construction is made with superior materials to ensure that it can handle a certain amount of water.

The pool features a circular shape that gives it a swimming pool feel. Its 22ft wide by 52inch deep pool can take about 40,000 liters of water. It's interior features a single grey color that adds a touch of luxury to its design. Its tile prints give it a swimming pool feel. This swimming set is a unique addition to your home.

The Power Steel Swim Vista II Pool Set is ideal for everyone. It can be used by kids of any age group. Its smooth and easy-to-set-up design makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a regular swimming pool. This type of pool can also be used at public parks and recreational centers. It's also perfect for people who are looking for a learning facility.

Coleman 22' x 52" Power Steel Swim Vista II Swimming Pool Set


  • The pool's installation method is very easy to implement, and it comes with a guide that explains how to set it up. Even without the necessary skills, it is still very easy to use. This feature is ideal for people who don't have the time to go through the laborious process of setting up a pool. The 22x52 pool can be easily set up in any part of your home.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it can be easily stored in different places. This allows people to keep it in their own space whenever they want.
  • The design of this product is also very impressive. It features a circular pool with both wicker and tile prints on the outside and inside.
  • The power steel pool made by the Coleman company looks very similar to an original pool. Its round shape makes it very appealing. It also comes with various accessories for its unique design.
  • It has a large capacity, which can allow it to hold up to 10,668 gallons of water. Its overall length is 22 feet, which is wide enough to support it at a certain height.
  • This product can be used for various activities, such as swimming and diving. It can also accommodate multiple people at the same time.
  • The total weight of this product is around 300 pounds. The weight is based on the amount of water it can hold and the number of people it can accommodate. It is also right to be moved about when it's not in use.
  • The materials used for this product are durable. The frame and the pool's overall structure are made from steel that can endure corrosion.
  • Since the steel used for this product comes in contact with water, it's made with corrosion-resistant materials to prevent metal particles from getting into the water.
  • This pool features a lock system that helps prevent it from moving. This ensures that the entire structure can support itself.

Coleman 22' x 52" Power Steel Swim Vista II Swimming Pool Set

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You don't need to go all out to have a fun swimming experience. Instead, try to bring some comfort to your body by saving up and improving your swimming experience.

The Steel Vista II Swimming Pool Set from Coleman is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable and exclusive swimming pool. Its large capacity and unique designs make it an ideal choice for any type of pool.


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