What is E-Z Pool?

Make Your Pool E-Z

E-Z POOL is a water care program that combines the latest technology with a simple yet effective method of cleaning and maintaining water.

The E-Z POOL program is designed to prevent problems from happening in the first place. It eliminates the need for reactive treatment. This is a multi-tasking formula that effectively cleans and maintains swimming pool water.

It contains a stable oxidizer, algaecide, clarifier, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and water balancers to keep swimming pool water clean, and clear.

E-Z POOL is also safe for use on all types of pool equipment. It can be used with various chemicals such as chlorine, salt, bromine, ozone.


  • Reduces maintenance time by 75%
  • 95% customer satisfaction rating
  • Simple, once a week application
  • Reduces the smell of chlorine
  • Mobile app support
  • It's EASY!

Startup Program

Step 1

To ensure that your water is free of harmful chemicals, take a sample to your authorized dealer. Treat pool with Revive - it is a powerful pool water treatment that removes phosphates and other debris.

Step 2

After debris has settled, vacuum the pool bottom and thoroughly clean the filter. Then, balance the water in the pool.

Step 3

To maintain a desired level, add E-Z POOL to the water according to the dosage chart found on the container. Follow the product directions to add sanitizer.

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