The Activate Filters & Improve Pool Filter Solution

Nothing quite compares to a sparkling, clear blue pool. Not everyone wants to go into a dirty pool. Water contaminated with toxins can cause illnesses such as E. Coli. Having the proper filter system can help keep the water clean, but it can also be harmful.

Chlorine is also used to keep aquatic animals healthy. Many zoos and aquariums keep their water supplies chlorinated to prevent diseases and bacterial infections. Unfortunately, these harmful chemicals can cause lung infections in animals. Dr. Howard Dryden created a pool filter that uses less chlorine. Through his work, he was able to develop an efficient and cost-effective filtration system that has saved the lives of sea turtles, dolphins, and other aquatic mammals.

Unlike a standard sand filter, which needs to be refilled every three years, Activate has a shelf life of up to ten years. This means it is more effective at filtering super fine particulates. Activate is a water filter that works seamlessly with any existing sand filter. Just replace your sand with the activated media, and you’re ready to go.

With a surface area that's 300 times bigger than sand, Activate is able to capture and kill bacteria while producing cleaner and clearer water. Its self-sterilizing features help prevent the growth of bacteria. Activate is a self-stirring filter that effectively kills bacteria and viruses while protecting the water from further growth. It uses 30% less chemicals than a standard sand filter.

Maytronics’ Activate and Enhance solutions are designed to help keep the water in your pool sparkling clean. They are ideal for keeping sports facilities, public pools, and private homes and businesses running smoothly.


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