Comparing Smart Robotics Vs Suction & Pressure Systems

Unfortunately, pool maintenance can be a chore that can take a lot of "fun" out of the season. Aside from keeping the water sparkling, it can also help prevent algae growth and keep the pool cleaner. Due to the technology used to clean pools, most homeowners still rely on an outdated method to keep theirs sparkling clean. They are unaware that an advanced robotic pool cleaner can help them get the job done faster and cheaper.


Archaic Suction Cleaners

Since 1937, the world has been using suction cleaners. However, the technology behind these devices is still stuck in the past.

A suction side cleaner is used to clean the floor of a pool. It uses a pool's dedicated suction line to push the cleaner and scrub the floor. Suction cleaning is an archaic method that can be very energy-efficient. In addition, it can also lead to a waste of natural resources.


Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners are another type of pool cleaner that’s not keeping up with the times. They use a pool’s existing pressure line to push the cleaner through the water. Pressure cleaners are used to remove dirt and debris from the pool. Instead of using a filtration system, they use a bag to carry the debris.


High-Tech Dolphin Robotic Cleaners

The Smart Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is an evolution of the pool cleaner industry. It uses advanced navigation and scanning technology to cross the pool in a deliberate manner. With the MyDolphin app, users can customize their weekly cleaning schedule, allowing the robotic cleaners to thoroughly clean their pool in just two hours.

Instead of wasting your money on old-school pressure or suction cleaners, why not invest in a robotic cleaner that's 8x more energy-efficient?

The reliable and long-lasting plug & play technology makes the pool more secure and relaxing. It can be installed safely and without disturbing the pool's natural features.


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