Saltwater Hot Tub - Bromine or Chlorine?
There is a lot of misinformation floating around about saltwater hot tubs. It's like being afraid of change. When a bromine generator is installed, you'll no longer need to store, transport, or handle bromine tablets.

You'll still need to use various spa chemicals to maintain a balanced pH and calcium hardness. You may also need to add enzymes or foam to your water. A saltwater system for hot tubs is not a miracle product, but it does provide a few benefits over traditional methods of cleaning.

 - Softer water due to salts; sodium chloride (for chlorine) or sodium bromide (for bromine).

 - Fewer peaks and valleys of sanitation. With other methods, levels are less consistent.

 - No worry about checking and adding tablets or shock to reactivate bromine.



The water's soft or hard is determined by the calcium content in the water. It's not good for hot tubs and spas to have low calcium content.

The reason why the water feels so soft on your skin is that the salts in it make it feel more luxurious. This is because the salts help to remove dead skin cells and promote a more even skin tone.



A salt chlorine or bromine system can maintain a consistent level of sanitizer in water. It can also control the exact amount of chlorine or bromine that's needed to remove the harmful compounds.

When the brominator or floater is filled, more bromine is released than when the tablets are empty. This issue can be solved by turning the dial down or opening the tablet so that the water completely dissolves.

For non-tablet bromine spas, a shock or a Dichlor shock can turn the bromide ions into bromine. The issue can be avoided by adding an oxidizer.



A saltwater hot tub system is a great way to control the chlorine or bromine production in your pool. It eliminates the worry of constantly adding more sanitizer when the tank runs low.

The drop-in Saltron Mini and other salt cells are not plumbed inline, so they can't be used over the edge of a spa or hot tub.

Systems for spas allow guests to make their own chlorine or bromine on-site, without the use of chemicals or other forms of sanitation. It's a great alternative to traditional methods for keeping a spa running smoothly.


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