The Benefits of Using Solar Covers

A solar cover is a great way to conserve water and enjoy the benefits of swimming in the sun. It's also a great way to save money. Not only does it allow swimmers to enjoy longer, but it saves them money as well.


What are solar covers?

Solar covers are made from lightweight plastic and feature a bubble-filled air pocket. These covers are ideal for keeping your pool water cool.

Solar covers protect your pool from the elements such as rain, dirt, and debris. They also help keep the water from getting damaged.

How do they work?

When placed on the pool, a solar cover will trap solar heat and keep it at night. This helps conserve the water's heat.

A solar cover is a type of pool cover that prevents heat from escaping from the pool. It also helps keep the water clean.

How and when to use

Place the cover on the pool's surface with the bubbles facing down. This will help the cover keep the pool's surface in place. You can then use ordinary scissors to create a custom fit.

When it comes to trimming or cutting solar covers for pools, make sure that the tools are safe to use. Also, never use them on vinyl liner pools.

When not in use, use a pool cover. It helps trap the heat and cool the pool.

What are the benefits?

A solar pool cover can help extend your swimming season and save you money. It can also keep your pool water temperatures cool.

5 reasons why every pool owner needs a solar cover?

  1. It heats your pool up to 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. It reduces evaporation by up to 90%
  3. It reduces chemical consumption by up to 30-60%
  4. It reduces the amount of dust, dirt, and debris entering the pool
  5. It allows you to open your pool sooner in the spring and extend your swim season later in the fall
  6. Must-have accessories

A solar cover reel simplifies the placement and removal of solar panels. It is also used to store solar panels that are not in use.

A liquid solar blanket is an energy-efficient and effective way to keep your swimming pool cool. It prevents evaporation and helps retain heat.


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