Saltwater Chlorine vs Saltwater Bromine?

There's a debate going on between the chlorine and bromine benefits of using a hot tub salt system. If you're not convinced that chlorine is better than bromine, then maybe you should start with sodium bromide instead.

In addition, sodium bromide is better than chlorine for a variety of reasons, such as it can stay potent in high temperatures and has less odor. Also, it can reduce chlorine's smell.

Due to the higher cost of raw materials, sodium bromide salt is more expensive than sodium chloride. It costs less than $5 in NaOCl after draining the spa.

The cost of a bromine generator is twice as much as that of a standard spa chlorine generator. It's also more than twice as costly to install.

Bromine tablets are twice as expensive as chlorine. They're also more effective at killing bacteria and reducing chlorine levels.

For many spa owners, it's worth the extra cost to have a Bromine spa.


Spa Chlorine and Bromine Generators

Can you use bromide salts with a salt chlorinator? 

You can use bromide salts with a water chlorinator to make bromine. However, since sodium chloride generators are optimized to work with bromide, they should not be used with bromine.


Is there a difference between Salt Brominators and Salt Chlorinators?

There are a few differences between salt brominators and salt chlorineators. They both convert ions into sanitizers, which can then be reintroduced to the base salt.


What type of Salt is used in a Saltwater Hot Tub?

What type of saltwater is used in a hot tub? Generally, it is used for bathing in a pool or spa with a high purity level of sodium chloride. Pure sodium bromide salts are commonly used in a bromine spa. They are the same as the bromide booster that's used to build a bromine bank. Many spa owners also use Dead Sea Salts.


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