Replacing of D.E. in a D.E. Pool Filter

This guide illustrates how easy it is to backwash your D.E. filter and replace the D.E. powder.

1. Always remember to turn off power to the equipment before moving backwash valve.

2. Roll out backwash hose (if applicable) and straighten.

3. Place backwash handle into backwash position. Piston type will have a lock pin or will need to be twisted to unlock, dial type (multiport) valves will have a handle that may need to be pushed down before moving (continue all movement in one direction only, or you may damage the internal spider gasket). Other valves may be located under the filter with a lever to move.

4. Turn the pump back on.

5. Run system in backwash mode until 1-2 minutes after sight glass is clear. You will lose water from the pool. This is actually good because you'll empty stressed out water and replace it with untreated water.

6. Turn off pump again.

7. Return valve (or lever) back to filter position.

8. Turn pump back on. Release air (from the air release valve) until water dispenses and then close air valve.

9. Add the correct amount of D.E. to the skimmer closest to the equipment. Refer to the owners manual for the filter for manufacturer's recommended amount of D.E.

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