How to Change DE Filter Grids

This guide will help you to replace DE Filter Grids.The most effective type of pool filter is Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. Filter. It works by sifting our pool water through its series of grids inside the tank. The grids filtering element is the layer of D.E. powder. If running your filter system and you notice this powder is in your pool then you may have a torn grid or multiple torn grids. If this is the case, follow this "How to", step by step, to get your filter back up and running.

1. Tools you will need: 1) Wrench - medium 2) Rubber Mallet or Ball Peen Hammer - medium 3) Pliers 4) Dust mask to protect yourself from any dangerous inhalation of particles.

2. Before starting, make sure you TURN OFF THE POOL PUMP. For maximum safety, turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

3. Next release the pressure in the filter tank by unscrewing the pressure relief at the rear of the pressure gauge.

4. Drain the filter completely by removing the drain plug at the bottom of the tank.

5. Our model filter is the DEV60. As with most D.E. filters the piece holding the two halves of the filter together is the clamp assembly.

6. To remove the clamp assembly, locate the locking nut. This nut assembly consists of a 4" bolt and a hex nut.

7. Remove this hex nut with pliers until it becomes loose enough to turn by hand.

8. Once the nut is removed, swing the bolt on its hinge to the opposite side. Remove this bolt and place to the side.

9. Now to remove the clamp itself - this can be done by either using a tool as a lever to pry the two-piece apart or a hammer to tap loose its hold on the filter body.

10. The two halves of the filter will still be tightly sealed after the D.E. filter clamp assembly had been removed. To loosen this seal, gently tamp the joint with a rubber mallet. Complete one to two rounds of this action.

11. Use the handles at the top of the filter (handles may be located elsewhere on your model) and lift straight up until clear of the grid assembly inside.

12. The grid assembly inside will probably look as pictured.

13. To remove the grid assembly from the D.E. filter, find the demarcated handles on the manifold top and remove. The assembly will need to be disconnected from the manifold pipe, this should happen as you lift the grid out of the filter base. The D.E. grid assembly may be quite heavy due to the saturated D.E. powder and debris. This may take two people to lift out.

14. At the top of the D.E. filter grid assembly there is one locking nut that holds the manifold to the grid tops. Unscrew this nut and place to side.

15. Now that the locking nut is gone, the top manifold can be slid up and off its mount. Use the same handles we did in "Step 11".

16. The last item left on top of the grids is the grid spacer. This piece is utilized as a guide or position holder for the grids while the manifold is off its mount. Remove the grid spacer and place it to the side.

17. Looking down onto your filter grid assembly without the top manifold it should look as pictured. In the array of grids you can see there are seven "full grids" and one "partial grid". the location of the partial grid is important. If the partial grid is in the wrong slot when installing the assembly, the manifold pipe be unable accommodate the grids.

18. To make installation simpler we will be removing a grid and then replacing it with a new grid before moving on. This method will ensure the proper placement of the partial grid.

19. If for some reason you must remove all the grids and start from scratch, the bottom manifold may have a helpful guide. The base's outer support ring has a wedge cut out for where the manifold pipe should be located when the assembly is inserted in the tank. When installed, the partial grid should be covering half of the wedge.

20. As stated earlier this is a normal installation that will only cause us to remove and replace one grid at a time. Removing the grid safely and without displacing the other grids is done lifting straight up until the grid is clear of the others.

21. Replacing the grid is done in the opposite motion. To ensure the grid is properly seated, make certain the main pipe of each grid is sitting on top of one of the small round place markers on the base. There are finned guides that the grids must fit between as well. 

22. When all the grids are replaced we can begin reassembling the manifold. the first step to this is resetting the manifold spacer. A tip on setting the spacer correctly it should always be in the right side hole on a spacer's arm.

23. Place the manifold on top of the spacer and grids. The pipe inlet should be located on the partial grid section. The partial grid is specifically shortened to accommodate this pipe connection.

24. Secure the top manifold to the D.E. filter grid assembly by screwing the lock nut onto the tie rod. Hand tighten the lock knob until the manifold no longer is able to wobble.

25. Using the handles we used to remove the assembly place the filter grid assembly into the filter body. When placing the grid assembly, align the manifold pipe inlet and manifold pipe. As the grids are lowered into the body, be sure to align the manifold inlet with the filter inlet pipe. These must be connected for water to flow correctly through your filter system.

26. Place the small tube spacer on top of the manifold covering the lock nut.

27. The filter body top is set in place. Before moving to the next step check the seam between the two halves. The space between should be slight and even around the entire circumference.

28. Fasten the clamp to the filter body. If you have loosened the clamp's hinge bolts prior, be sure to tighten these before restarting your filter system.

29. Also, tighten your drain cap if you have not already done so.

30. Turn on your pool pump to begin the recirculation of your pool water.

31. The air relief valve should still be open. As the pressure builds, air will be released through the relief valve. When water starts to spray out of the valve, turn the valve clockwise to close it.

32. Check the pressure gauge. It typically reads between 10 - 20 psi.

33. To coat your new grids with a layer of D.E., locate the skimmer closest to your pump and filter system and remove the lid. You may want to wear a protective mask, as the D.E. particles may be harmful if inhaled.

34. While the pump and filter system is running scoop 4 to 6 pounds of D.E. powder through the top of the skimmer. The D.E. will be run through the filter and caught by the grid fabric.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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