How To Change Hayward DE Filter Grids

This guide directs you to other guides that show you how to replace the DE Filter Grids in your Hayward DE Filter. When one or more for your Hayward DE Filter Grids is torn or otherwise damaged and you start to see DE Power in your pool, it is time to replace some or all of your DE Filter Grids. You can replace these grids two ways: by replacing the whole grid assembly or by replacing the 8 grids in the assembly. Most people opt to replace the individual grids for cost savings. 

1. VIEW TORN SEAM - This is an example of what a torn grid seam looks like. This type of damage occurs when the filter is under too much pressure for an extended period of time or the filter grids are old.

2. VIEW BROKEN CORE - Sometime the inner plastic core breaks down and punctures the fabric of the grid. This can happen with age or if the grid assembly is not set correctly and is crushed when the tank top is set back in place.

3. REPLACE GRID ASSEMBLY - The easiest way to replace all of the filter grids is to replace the whole grid assembly with a new one. This is also the most costly approach. For detailed instruction on replacing the grid assembly, follow the same instructions provided in our guide "How To Backwash a Hayward DE Filter Grid Assembly". except instead of cleaning the grid assembly, replace the old grid assembly with a new one.

4. REPLACE INDIVIDUAL GRIDS - If you have to replace all the grids or just one, the cheaply approach is to diassemble the grid assembly and replace the grid(s) individually. For detailed instructions on replacing individualy grids, follow the same instructions provided in our guide "Removing and Cleaning Hayward DE Filter Grids". except Instead of cleaning each grid, replace each old grid with a new one.

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